Nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, the town of Pigeon Forge has a population of a few thousand individuals. However, millions of tourists flock to this resort city every year since it offers a blend of comfort and adventure appealing to people of all ages. Its countless attractions attract families from all over the United States and even abroad, providing them with heartwarming experiences and unforgettable family bonding moments. So, why should you take your kids on vacation to Pigeon Forge? Well, let’s find out.

What makes Pigeon Forge an ideal vacation spot for kids?

The family-friendly vibes of Pigeon Forge can resonate with children. The locals are friendly, and there are different kid-centered activities available all over this small town. Your kids will feel at home here. Let’s see what sort of activities await you and your kids in the charming town of Pigeon Forge.

  1. Family-friendly lodgings

Most tourists arrange cabin rentals before heading to Pigeon Forge. These rustic, comfy cabins have many amenities to make your Smoky Mountains getaway more appealing. For instance, you can have an indoor swimming pool, gaming arcade, and a cozy kitchen to enjoy a memorable weekend in Pigeon Forge with your family while staying close to your kids’ favorite attractions.

Book spacious cabins in advance, especially if you’re visiting Pigeon Forge this fall because it’ll be peak season in the Smokies, and many other families will be booking their cabins too.

  1. Live shows for families

Pigeon Forge offers a wide array of entertainment options to captivate children’s imagination, e.g., magic shows, dinner theaters, interactive performances, and live music shows. 

If you want to enjoy listening to live music in Pigeon Forge TN, with your family, book your tickets now online. You can watch and listen to some fantastic country and gospel music that can help you and your kids feel closer to the land and culture of this beautiful town. For example, you could attend Country Tonite, a show that’s now celebrating its 26th anniversary. Here, you can listen to some amazing popular country songs and watch family-friendly comedy shows!

  1. Theme parks and attractions

Nobody comes to Pigeon Forge and leaves without visiting Dollywood—at least, that’s how it should be! From toddlers to teenagers, tourists of all ages can enjoy this great attraction. Other than the theme park, you can head over to Dollywood’s Splash Country, a water park offering a variety of ways to beat the summer heat. 

That’s not where it ends. You can take your kids to these amazing local attractions, too:

  • Wax Museum: This museum features wax figures of many celebrities from Hollywood
  • Ripley’s Aquarium (in Gatlinburg): This family attraction has multiple galleries filled with over 10,000 sea creatures
  • Titanic Museum: An amazing replica of the famous Titanic with artifacts from the original ship
  1. Explore via trolley 

If you feel like Pigeon Forge isn’t walkable or has become too crowded to explore with small kids, then consider getting around in a trolley. This rural transport system can be fun to ride with your children when taking them to different local attractions.

You can easily escape traffic and avoid spending extravagantly on renting a vehicle in Pigeon Forge.. Traveling with your youngsters like this will be an exciting activity on your Pigeon Forge vacation.

  1. Scrumptious dining options

You can find numerous kid-friendly restaurants in Pigeon Forge with unique themes catering to your kids’ tastes and preferences. Whether your child is a picky eater or has an expansive palate, Pigeon Forge’s unique dining scene can satisfy every young eater. From classic comfort foods to flavorsome Southern delicacies, these restaurants have everything your kids would ask for, for instance:

  • Hot dogs
  • Child-friendly buffets
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Fruits snacks and smoothies
  • Burgers and fries (because why not?)
  • Pancakes and waffles (Tennessee’s specialty)
  • Chicken tenders and ice cream (a risky combination, indeed!)
  1. Kid-friendly walking trails

The incredible Appalachian sceneries and panoramic mountainy views of the Great Smokies shall serve as the perfect backdrop for taking a brief walk on different trails. While not all hiking trails are suitable for kids, some noteworthy pathways do cater to children. Some pathways can be traversed with strollers, while others are better explored with teens. Some amazing kid-friendly walking trails include:

  • Wear Farm City Park: This 118-acre park has pavilions, playgrounds, and sports fields to help families enjoy a sunny day out in Pigeon Forge with young kids.
  • Patriot Park: This small but charming park is filled with walking trails and monuments dedicated to war veterans. It hosts Fourth of July celebrations, games, and kids’ carnivals.
  • Riverwalk Greenway: Running the entire length of Pigeon Forge, this paved route is great for jogging and walking. This kid-friendly trail lets you embrace nature without leaving the town limits. This long pathway is fit for moms and dads with toddlers.
  1. Educate kids about history

There’s nothing wrong with visiting Pigeon Forge with an ulterior motive; this 18th-century settlement can tell your kids a lot about the rich history of our glorious nation. It’s filled with historic locations dating back to the 19th century. Some historical sites worth visiting with your kids include:

  • The Old Mill: Dates back to the 19th century and homes the iron forge that gives the town its name
  • Elkmont: You’ll find many abandoned vacation homes there and the Levi Trentham Cabin that was built in the 1800s
  • Little Greenbrier: Visit the remnants of the Greenbrier community of the 19th century, i.e., the well-known Walker Sisters Cabin

You can take your kids to see interactive exhibits and crafts workshops as well. Many kid-friendly arts centers provide children with hands-on experiences in creating handmade stuff.


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If you’re looking for an affordable and kid-friendly vacation spot, then look no further than Pigeon Forge, a charming little town bordering the Smokies. Along with the neighboring Gatlinburg, this city serves as the prime holiday destination for your kids, who can visit its countless attractions, attend live music shows, and enjoy different rides available at Dollywood. It’s gonna be a blast visiting this town with your family!

So, book your tickets online, arrange comfy lodgings, and make new memories with your children.