Several studies show that flowers are a powerful mood booster that can impact your emotions positively for up to three days. When you include flowers as part of your home decor, they help create a positive and relaxing environment for your family.

Would you like to add some living color to your home but aren’t sure where to start? Embracing the latest flower trends is as good a place as any.

Keep reading to find out what’s hot in the world of flower arrangement ideas.

1. Get Creative With Containers

Glass vases will always have their place when it comes to flower arrangements, but you don’t need to stick with this classic containment solution for your displays.

Almost anything goes when it comes to showing off flowers these days. Ceramic vases, terrariums, and up-cycled containers are all good solutions for modern flower arrangements.

2. Colorful Flower Trends

Choose your flowers based on the mood you’d like to create for your room as well as your interior style.

Look for flowers that mimic the latest ‘color of the year’ to hint at the latest trends. Viva magenta is Pantone’s preference, and includes flowers like bougainvillea, roses, dahlias, orchids, and proteas.

You can combine these with a varied array of complementary colored flowers to create an eclectic mix, or choose different types of flowers with matching colors.

This vivid color is bound to add dynamism and an electric feel to any room, so use it wherever you want to feel inspired and energized.

Would you rather create a relaxing vibe at home? Soft colors are also enjoying a moment this year.

Pastel shades like cream, soft blue, peach, lilac, and baby pink ooze tranquility when arranged in a neutral-colored vase.

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3. Celebrate the Seasons

Nothing signifies the start of the holiday season like a wreath on your front door. This year, wreaths are here to stay.

Whatever the time of year, you can now adorn your home with a fun seasonal wreath or pretty flowers to brighten things up. Spring, summer, and autumn wreaths are the latest trend in home fashion.

A cheery wreath is a great way to welcome guests and create a happy ambiance for your home. Yellow flowers signify sunshine and cheerfulness, making them a top choice for making your home’s entrance ‘pop’.

4. Playing With Blooms

Getting creative with DIY flower arrangements is a guaranteed mood booster. So, don’t be afraid to stray from the latest trends by trying new things.

Maximize seasonal flowers and leaves in your displays, use what you’ve got available as decoration, and let your imagination run wild. Structural leaves, natural elements, bold colors, and whimsical blossoms can all add creativity and impact to your flower arrangements.

Charismatic Homes are Happy Spaces

You don’t need a special occasion to embrace flower power. Whether you embrace the latest flower trends or prefer to follow your own heart, your home can only benefit from the life and color that flowers bring to any room.

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