Ant farms are a great way to get closer to different types of ants and observe them up close. You buy them at the store, set them up, and watch little anthills start to build right before your eyes.

But then comes a question: How long do ant farms last?

There’s a ton of science to unpack when it comes to ant farms and how you can use them for educational purposes in your classroom or at home. But that doesn’t mean those ants will stick around for long.

So, how long do ant farms last? Read on, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

The Lifespan of Ant Farms

The average lifespan of an ant farm is two to three years. Ant farms are made of a unique plastic material that allows ants to build their underground tunnels while allowing a clear view from the outside. These plastic habitats typically include an ant bin with holes through which the ants can create their pathways.

Although the ant’s lives may be shorter than the farm’s, they frequently collaborate to build a more extensive, intricate system of tunnels and cavities. This type of collaboration and hard work help prolong the ant farm’s lifespan to ensure the ants’ survival. With proper maintenance and care, ant farms can last up to five years, or even longer, if precautions prevent ants from escaping or reproducing too quickly.

Make Your Ant Farm Last Longer

To make your ant farm last longer, start with the best ant farm sand, as it is less likely to harbor mold and parasites, maintain humidity levels, and use liquid ant food. You should also take the time to check on your farm regularly, remove any build-up, wash the container with warm water and other cleaning agents, add fresh sand as needed, and inspect your ant colony for signs of disease or pest infestation.

You should also check the quality of the items you put into it. You can check and click for ant farm kits here for quality items. These simple steps ensure that your ant farm lasts many years.

Understand the Environmental Factors Affecting Ant Farm Durability

Understanding environmental factors affecting ant farm durability is essential for determining how long your ant farm will last. Generally, ant farms last from one to two years on average. Temperature and humidity are the two primary environmental factors that affect an ant farm’s lifespan. They may shorten an ant farm’s durability in warm and dry climates.

While less arid and cooler climates tend to increase the lifespan. So, to maintain the highest life expectancy for your ant farm, it is best to keep the environmental temperature between 75 and 86 degrees and the relative humidity between 40 and 60 percent.

So, How Long Do Ant Farms Last?

Ant Farm habitats can last for many years when taken care of properly. It is recommended to look up specific instructions on properly caring for one. While the average life expectancy of an ant farm habitat is unknown, Owners can expect their farm to last a decent amount of time.

If you’re wondering how long ant farms last on average, the answer is with proper care, they can last a long time. Why not get one today?

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