The Big Apple. What’s not to love about it? From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building, there are countless breathtaking sights that only leave you wanting more. Add rich culture and fantastic food to the picture, and it’s easy to see why over 30 million tourists travel here every year.

But like with any trip, you should plan your NYC journey to elevate your experience. This article will help you do just that by listing the seven best ways to make your New York stay more comfortable.

1 – Book Luggage Storage

You’ve packed your bags and are ready to conquer the City That Never Sleeps. But what if you’ve brought one suitcase too many? You’ll need to haul it with you while exploring your favorite destination, which can ruin the adventure.

Thankfully, there’s a way out in the form of convenient and affordable luggage storage services. For example, let’s say you want to land at JFK Airport. Rather than carry all your stuff to your hotel or other destinations, you can leave some of them at your provider’s locker. They’ll remain there until you pick them up, eliminating the hassle associated with hauling your belongings.

With luggage no longer your concern, you’re free to enjoy New York to your heart’s content. Want to go on a cycling tour with your loved one? Bulky suitcases won’t hold you back.

Another great thing about luggage storage solutions is their security. Providers go the extra mile to protect your possessions with sturdy locks, surveillance, and many other tools. Therefore, you can rest assured and sip coffee in Times Square in peace, knowing your stuff is in great hands.

2 – Take the Subway

Given its metropolis status, New York is plagued by traffic problems. Renting a car can be a good decision if you wish to tour the city at your leisure, but you may regret your decision as soon as you’re stuck in a gridlock.

To avoid the rush-hour commotion, take the subway. Besides preventing the need to navigate dense traffic, it also allows you to roam NYC without denting your budget.

For example, suppose you’re planning a seven-day stint in New York. Rather than buy tickets every day or spend a lot of money on expensive cab ride, purchase a weekly subway ticket. For $33, you get unlimited swipes wherever you go.

3 – Wear Comfy Shoes

The last thing you want is to make unnecessary stops or head back to your hotel room for some rest because your feet are tired. After all, you’ll only be staying in New York for a limited time. Your priority should be to check out as much of the city as possible.

A great way to avoid these breaks is to wear comfortable shoes. Look for sneakers with lots of cushioning around your ankle and sole. It’ll help absorb the impact of traversing the concrete jungle.

Additionally, be sure to find breathable, anti-microbial footwear. Merino wool is an excellent pick, as it wicks moisture away from your feet and keeps you comfortable throughout your sojourn.

4 – Take the Ferry

Even the best shoes aren’t an all-cure. Fatigue is often inevitable, but rather than call it a day, why not go on an adventure where you can put your feet up? The NYC Ferry system provides just that.

Hop on board, and place your feet on the side rail while your captain takes you on a spellbinding voyage. You get to see different parts of New York from a different angle and take mesmerizing pictures. Just imagine – the wind blowing through your hair while you pass under the Brooklyn Bridge. It hardly gets any better than that.

Furthermore, ferry trips aren’t a luxury experience. Fairly priced at $4 per person, they showcase the city in the best light without emptying your wallet.

5 – Be an Early Bird

The old saying “the early bird gets the worm” has never been more relevant. If you get up at the crack of dawn (or slightly after), you’ll be able to appreciate NYC in a relatively peaceful setting. Most other tourists will still be in bed at this hour, which is perfect if you want to avoid the commotion of a big city.

The possibilities are endless. You could take selfies at Central Park without dozens of people stealing your spotlight. Alternatively, you could have coffee at a sidewalk café without being distracted by huge crowds.

6 – Always Have Some Cash in Your Wallet

When someone says “urban,” the first city that probably comes to mind is NYC. One of the main reasons people consider it an urban heaven is that it has a well-developed banking network. You can find an ATM practically in every corner, so you don’t need to worry about running out of cash.

But to avoid last-minute trips to an ATM, always have at least $50-$100 in your wallet. Many bakeries and pizza joints only accept cash. The same goes for street souvenir vendors and some other shops.

7 – Book Accommodation Near Your “Targets”

Let’s face it – you find some parts of NYC more attractive than others. Plus, New York is vast. If you try to see a little bit of everything, that’s the only thing you’ll do if you stay here for five to seven days.

Rather than rushing from one end of the city to the other, make your stay more comfortable by exploring your favorite area in-depth. If Manhattan is on your bucket list, find accommodation there or somewhere close to Manhattan. You won’t need to travel as often, allowing you to check out every local attraction.

Fill Your Camera Roll with NYC Memories

Many people wing it when they go to NYC and have a great time. However, the number of those who regret not planning their trip is just as large.

If you want to avoid the uncertainty associated with improvised visits, our tips will be a lifesaver. Your stay will be more comfortable, and New York will hold a special place in your heart.