While motorcycles only account for about three percent of all registered vehicles, motorcycle accidents make up roughly fourteen percent of all road accidents. Moreover, motorcycle accidents are characteristically more severe than car accidents because riders are entirely exposed to physical injuries. In contrast, cars offer exterior protection and a lengthy list of safety features like seat belts and airbags. 

As a result, motorcycle riders must take additional safety measures to avoid an accident. Wearing suitable protective gear like a helmet, kevlar jacket, leather gloves, and high-quality motorcycle boots can minimize the severity of physical injuries in the event of an accident, but these safety tips can help you prevent an accident. 

Never Ride Under The Influence

Riding a motorcycle requires even more focus and attention than driving a car. Because you must also balance and act quickly to stabilize the bike on slippery or uneven surfaces, the consequences of riding with even slight intoxication can be devastating. Driving under the influence is also a common cause of motorcycle accidents

Some of the more common severe injuries in motorcycle accidents include limb amputations, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. So, it’s best never to drink alcohol or use illegal or even prescription drugs before riding your motorcycle. 

While you should reach out to the best motorcycle accident law firm in Tucson if you have been in an accident, it’s important to ensure you always stand on the right side of the law as a road user. 

Be Alert

Texting while driving a car is a highly reckless action that can lead to an accident. While you can’t text and operate a motorcycle, there are other distractions that you should avoid. If you are using wireless earphones to follow GPS instructions, avoid listening to any music. 

Simply hearing another road user hoot or signal you in another way can save your life. Listening to music with noise-canceling earphones will completely isolate you from various auditory warnings.

Be Visible

Even if your motorcycle is a notably loud vehicle, it’s still crucial that other drivers can see you on the roads. Many motorcycle accidents happen because other road users cannot see the motorcycle changing or merging lanes or passing. 

While all road users should make a point of being alert enough to see other road users, it’s also vital that road users ensure they are sufficiently visible. Motorcycle riders must consider putting graphics on a dirt bike to enhance visibility and ensure headlights and turn signals are working while wearing reflective garments in the evening is also wise.

Never Speed

It can be even more tempting to speed on a motorcycle than when driving a car. Because you could quickly nip through traffic instead of having to wait in traffic, moving a little faster is easier in any situation on the roads for motorcycle riders. 

But speeding increases your risk of causing an accident. You might not see a pothole, railroad tracks, or a stop sign in time to react if you are traveling even slightly faster than the speed limit.

Avoid Traffic As Much As Possible

Unfortunately, motorcycles are not designed to endure traffic, so many riders weave through traffic to avoid damaging their engines due to excessive idling. However, because weaving through slow-moving traffic is a dangerous decision, avoiding traffic as much as possible is best. Even one change in another vehicle’s speed or direction can cause a collision when weaving through traffic. 

Waiting an extra hour before leaving or leaving an hour sooner can help you avoid routine traffic effectively. If you genuinely cannot avoid traffic, pass vehicles between lanes without weaving, and be sure to travel at a constant slow speed.

Wait Out Bad Weather

Motorcycles provide no protection during accidents and even less protection from bad weather. If you ride in the rain, you will arrive at your destination soaking wet. At the same time, wet and slippery roads and vision challenges will dramatically enhance your chances of an accident. 

Whether it’s a storm brewing or moderate rains, avoid driving in any kind of bad weather to prevent accidents in these conditions altogether. With this, if you are riding your motorcycle when the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worst, it’s wise to pull over at the nearest stop or shelter. Instead of taking a chance and rushing to your destination, waiting out the weather eliminates your chances of an accident altogether. 

Sign Up For A Motorcycle Safety Course

Whether the country you live in requires a motorcycle license or not, it’s wise to invest in your safety by completing a motorcycle safety course. Even experienced riders should consider refresher safety courses routinely. 

These safety courses will teach you how to react in dangerous situations to prevent an accident, while you will also learn how to maintain your motorcycle and use essential safety gear.