There are lots of easy ways for college students to be more eco-friendly. Some of these are starting off the year with eco-friendly school supplies, and others are more long-term habits for a greener lifestyle. From recycled paper notebooks to reusable water bottles, here are a few ideas to get started.

Use More Eco-Friendly School Supplies

There are lots of green school supplies out there, from recycled paper notebooks to backpacks made with recycled materials. I love the designs of Decomposition Notebooks!

Use Reusable Mugs & Water Bottles

Reusable drinkware is a great way to go eco-friendly. This way, you can always have a refillable water bottle or container with you.  You can also go with a reusable straw, such as a stainless straw or silicone straw.

Choose Natural Products

Natural products lessen the impact on the environment, and are better for your health.  One example is sunscreen. If you travel, be sure to choose a reef-safe sunscreen, which is often required in tropical locations (such as beaches and resorts). These reef-safe sunscreen products help to lessen the chemical impact on our marine life, as well as having less exposure on our own health.

You can also find natural products that use less packaging, such as concentrated laundry detergent.  Look for products that do not use synthetic fragrances, dyes, or other chemicals.

A baguette sticking out of a paper bag

Shop Local.. and Don’t Forget To Use Reusable Bags

It can be easy to shop at big box stores for things like back to school supplies. However, keep in mind local businesses, whether it is for food shopping, eating out, or buying supplies (such as art supplies). Chances are, there are some great local businesses that could use your support. And, don’t forget your reusable bags for shopping.

Reuse and Shop Used

Try to reuse products when possible, like using the same backpack for as long as you can.  There are also lots of great thrift and consignment shops, where you can get lightly used items for a fraction of the cost, such as Plato’s Closet.

Travel Smart

Reduce your carbon footprint.  There are lots of great ways to go more eco-friendly when it comes to getting around. Look for ways to carpool, bike, or take public transportation. You can also consider carpooling with friends and family, around town or to and from your hometown.