For most of us, life has been filled with uncertainty, stress, and worry. When it comes down to it, our minds have probably been the worst affected.

Our energetic bodies are thought-to-be vessels for emotion, the human condition, consciousness, and our personal truth. When something isn’t quite right, it usually shows up first in our minds.

That’s why learning how to align your chakras could make all the difference to your mental health. 

Not entirely sure how to go about doing it, and curious to learn more? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know!

Find a Quiet and Comfortable Space for Meditation

Choose somewhere that is free of distractions, such as a backyard or a quiet room in your home. This will help to create an awareness of the body and help you become more connected to yourself. Take a few calming breaths until your body is calm.

Once your body is relaxed, focus your attention on each of the seven chakras, beginning at the root chakra and progressing up to the crown chakra. Visualize a spinning wheel of light at the location of each chakra and feel it opening, unblocking, and cleansing your energy pathway.

End the session with a few moments of gratitude for the experience. By repeating this practice you can align your chakras and develop a more mindful and balanced approach to life.

Consider Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is one of the most effective ways to align your chakras. Sound carries a frequency that can adjust the energy state of the body. Singing bowls, wind chimes, and tuning forks are among the tools used to strike and vibrate heavy, low tones that can help you open, balance, and realign your chakras.

Additionally, chanting mantras, such as the universal Om mantra, can reverberate through the body and help to clear any emotional or energetic blockages. By doing this, your body can reach a state of balance. Listening to calming, soothing music can help relax the body and mind and also help balance the chakras. 

Get a Jewelry and Crystal Healing Item

Jewelry and crystals have different healing properties. Some are known to be grounding, others to help support your sense of self. When selecting chakra jewelry and crystal healing items, consider the properties and your current needs.

If you are feeling blocked or ungrounded, you may want to purchase grounding stones such as onyx or hematite. For a sense of support, try tumbled rose quartz or a selenite wand. To clarify thought processes, choose a piece of clear quartz or fluorite or view this chakra necklace.

After you have acquired your healing item, it is best to dedicate it to being a healing aid for yourself and clear the energy of your piece with a sage bundle or smudge stick. Keep your healing jewelry on your body or in a place that you can easily access to ensure that your chakras will remain aligned.

Learn How to Align Your Chakras

Learning how to align your chakras is an amazing way to restore balance and harmony to your life. Making an effort to open your chakras can bring a sense of well-being and a renewed sense of purpose.

With the help of this brief guide, you now have the tools to keep your chakras properly balanced. Try using some of the techniques today and see the profound change it can make in your life.

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