Pedestrian accidents are a common occurrence today. Unfortunately, they can be traumatic experiences for the driver and the pedestrian. It results from reckless pedestrian behavior, distracted driving, poor visibility, reckless driving, alcohol or drug impairment, and stormy weather. These accidents can have severe consequences for the parties involved.  

If you find yourself hitting a jaywalking pedestrian, dealing with the situation compassionately and responsibly is crucial. When in a situation, you should remain calm and level-headed and ensure the safety of everyone.  

This article discusses the steps you should take if involved in a pedestrian accident. Whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, it will provide valuable information on managing pedestrian accidents while ensuring the safety of all. 

  1. Stop Your Vehicle And Turn On Your Hazard Lights 

Stop your car and turn on the hazard lights if you hit a pedestrian. They are necessary, especially if you have stopped in an area where you can obstruct other road users. It will warn other drivers that your car is not moving and prevent another potential accident. The responders can quickly locate your location by seeing your hazard lights. However, move your vehicle to a place that will not block traffic.    

  1. Check On The Pedestrian 

Check on the pedestrian and provide first aid if needed. It is crucial not to move the victim unless it’s necessary. It may worsen any injuries they may have sustained from the accident. If the pedestrian is still awake, talk to them and reassure them that help is coming.  

Apply pressure to any bleeding wounds or keep them warm if they are in shock. Try and keep them conscious until help arrives. If the victim is unresponsive, don’t move them because you could worsen the injuries.   

  1. Call Emergency Services 

Call emergency services and report the accident. Give them the location, details on any injuries or damage sustained, and any information they ask of you. They will use that to dispatch medical and law enforcement workers to the accident scene. 

  1. Make The Scene Safe 

While waiting for help to arrive, ensure the scene is safe. Switch off your engine and turn on the hazard lights. Warn any oncoming traffic of the accident using cones (during the day) or flares (at night) and keep a safe distance from the scene to avoid being hit by other cars. 

  1. Cooperate With Law Enforcement 

Stay at the scene until the police arrive. Once help has come, cooperate with the police by providing a clear and detailed account of the accident. Be honest in your statement. Don’t include any assumptions or speculations about the cause of the accident. Remember that anything you say can be used against you in court; be natural.  

  1. Exchange Contact And Insurance Information 

Don’t forget to exchange insurance and contact information with the pedestrian. It is vital in the event of compensation for either party involved. 

  1. Seek Legal Counsel 

Depending on the nature of your accident, you may need to seek legal counsel. Consult an experienced personal injury attorney.  If you’re a resident of New York and have been involved in an accident, consider hiring this reputable NYC personal injury lawyer. They will help you understand your rights and obligations regarding the accident.

If the pedestrian was jaywalking, they might have contributed to the accident. However, this does not absolve the driver of any responsibility for the accident. You must always be aware of your surroundings when behind the wheel. You should also take all the required precautions to avoid accidents, including yielding to a pedestrian when necessary.  

If the pedestrian was jaywalking, it might be an essential factor when determining fault. Throughout this entire situation, you should be aware of the severity of the condition and treat it with absolute care and concern. Remember that providing the required assistance, staying calm, and cooperating with law enforcement will ensure the best outcome for all involved in the accident. 

Prioritize Safety And Responsibility On The Roads 

Pedestrian accidents are a serious issue and can have devastating consequences for all the parties involved. However, with sensitivity and care, it is possible to ensure safety while minimizing the damage from the accident. From providing the necessary first aid and securing the scene’s safety to calling emergency services, knowing how to handle a pedestrian accident is crucial, especially if it involves jaywalking.   

By following the guidelines here, you can prevent or manage pedestrian accidents. These will help create a safer road environment for drivers and pedestrians, ensuring the roads are always safe. Doing this can prevent accidents and reduce injury and loss of life, prioritizing safety and responsibility on the streets.