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  1. Orlando was the first major city in the US 

Orlando is often touted as the world’s theme park capital, but did you know that it was also a trailblazer in terms of sustainable transportation? The city was the first major metropolis in the United States to install an extensive green bike-lark network. This innovative infrastructure has made it easier and safer for cyclists to navigate Orlando’s streets and explore the city’s urban and natural areas. As a result, more and more residents and visitors are ditching their cars and taking to two wheels, which has not only reduced traffic congestion but also helped to lower carbon emissions and promote healthier lifestyles. Who would have thought that Orlando was a leader in green transportation?

  1. The Walt Disney World Resort is one of the largest park in the USA

Orlando, Florida, is known for its theme parks and sunny weather, and for a surprising fact that many might not know about. The Walt Disney World Resort, located in Orlando, is the largest single-site employer in America, employing over 77,000 people. From the costumed characters we love to take pictures with to the behind-the-scenes crews that keep the magic alive, Disney World’s significant workforce is responsible for creating unforgettable experiences for millions of visitors every year. It’s hard to imagine that this one place could significantly impact the job market in the United States. Still, it shows how Disney’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has paid off in more ways than one.

  1. There are over 100 lakes within an hour’s drive from downtown Orlando.

Orlando, Florida, is known for being one of the world’s top tourist destinations, with its theme parks, shopping centers, and endless entertainment options. But did you know there are over 100 lakes within an hour’s drive of downtown Orlando? That’s right – the city is surrounded by a network of beautiful bodies of water, each with unique charm and recreational opportunities. From the sparkling waters of Lake Eola in the heart of downtown to the serene shores of Lake Tohopekaliga, there are endless boating, fishing, swimming, and more options. 

  1. The original Hollywood Studios theme park was opened in 1989 

Orlando may be known as the home of the Walt Disney World Resort, but plenty of interesting facts about this Florida city might surprise you. Did you know that the original Hollywood Studios theme park, now known as Disney’s Hollywood Studios, was opened in 1989? Long before the glitz and glamour of the park’s current attractions, it was a spot for movie lovers to immerse themselves in Hollywood. The park has undergone multiple renovations and even a name change throughout the years, but it still holds a special place in the hearts of those who visit. Next time you’re in Orlando, take a trip down memory lane and visit the park that started it all. So book your cheapest private jet flights to Orlando now. 

  1. Orlando is home to the only working replica of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescoes outside Italy.

Imagine walking through a recreation of one of the most iconic works of art in the history of the world. You would expect to be admiring Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling in a European museum. But what if you could experience it in the heart of Orlando, Florida? It may sound unbelievable, but it’s true! Orlando is home to the only working replica of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescoes outside Italy. It is a masterpiece, unlike anything you’ll ever see. The level of detail and artistry is breathtaking, and visitors can’t help but be amazed by the sheer scale and beauty of the frescoes. It’s just one of the many hidden gems waiting to be discovered in this exciting city.

  1. Orlando is divided into 6 distinct districts 

Orlando is a city that is full of surprises. Most people know about the theme parks and the fantastic weather, but only a few know about the six distinct districts that make up the city. These districts’ unique attractions and amenities make visiting Orlando a truly multifaceted experience. For example, the Lake Nona district is known for its state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and stunning architecture. In contrast, the Downtown district boasts an array of galleries, dining options, and artsy boutiques. 

  1. There are more than 100 golf courses located in or around the city. 

Did you know that Orlando, known for its theme parks and warm weather, is also a haven for golf enthusiasts? Surprisingly, over 100 golf courses are scattered throughout the city and its surrounding areas, providing numerous options for avid golfers to take their swings. Whether you prefer a challenging course or a more relaxed outing, there’s something for everyone in Orlando’s extensive golfing scene. 

  1. The city is home to the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. 

Orlando, Florida, is well-known as the world’s theme park capital, but did you know it also houses the Kennedy Space Centre and the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station? These impressive facilities have played a crucial role in space exploration and have launched countless missions into space. The Kennedy Space Center even offers tours where visitors can see actual rocket launch pads and view exhibits highlighting the history of space travel. So next time you’re in Orlando, stop at one of the most incredible places beyond the theme parks.


From unique attractions to hidden gems, Orlando has fun activities and surprises. The city is home to a wide range of cultural experiences, fantastic nature spots and delicious food. As well as being the home of some world-famous family attractions, many other pieces of this little city’s history remain unknown to the majority. From an unassuming swamp on the coast to underappreciated airboat tours, Orlando’s secrets will delight even the most seasoned traveller.