Intercoms may have been around for more than a century now. Luckily, it is still one of the most relevant technologies that continue to serve residential and commercial setups for safety and security. Convenient use is another factor. Whether an industrial facility, gated community, apartment, or office, the system helps manage visitor access effortlessly. That’s why it makes sense to learn about such useful devices more.


Types of intercoms

The electronic device facilitates two-way communication between people to control visitor access to a concerned property. Technology has evolved with time. Earlier models consisted of metal tubing and two cans helping people talk to each other on two ends. The sleek modern versions use circuits to exchange audio and video content. Its scope of application is vast. Still, the primary job remains to enable communication. No matter why you seek this equipment, there are varieties to choose from, wireless and wired designs. Then, you can further divide this into audio intercom, video intercom, commercial intercom, office intercom, outdoor intercom, etc.

Wireless system

Wiring can make your installation project expensive because of the extensive work. In that case, wireless options are available. They use spectrum or radio frequencies to impart signals to all the devices. Wireless intercoms can offer audio, video, and a mix of both experiences depending on the choice of spectrum or band. The good thing is modern equipment needs low-frequency bands. When shopping for this, you must know whether it runs on a phone or Wi-Fi connection. Check the signals where you intend to install them. If you select cellular connections, you must consider commercial-grade plans for higher bandwidth (Ethernet or internet) that take care of the network. 

Wired system

Generally, intercoms involve some wiring work, regardless of wired or wireless designs. You can distinguish this from a wireless system based on its connection type. Wired models demand more cabling. Nevertheless, even wired versions may require wiring only at a location where you put them for connecting them to door locks and operating them. Others may need to install wires throughout the premises from all the substations to the entry point’s base station. It will be better to use the internet for its operation to avoid challenges like interruptions from other electrical signals and wireless equipment.

Commercial / office system

This device is high-grade and complex at the same time because of its ability to connect a visitor with an employee or the business for property access. Suppose a delivery person delivers different packages for company employees in the building. Because he doesn’t know who ordered the item, he would want to contact the office’s reception or front desk for assistance. When considering something for commercial use, you must account for scenarios like the one mentioned above. Or, the office staff would need this system to connect inside the office building. Please think of how the walkie-talkie ensured it. People can talk to each other without going to others’ desks. 

Intercoms should act as a guard to the office door. These must allow people inside and outside to interact before giving access to the property. In this case, external intercom models for offices may work. The experts say that internal intercoms have become redundant due to the rise of messengers, emails, and smartphones. If you want to buy something for the office, you need a commercial system – check reliable AtlasIED commercial intercom systems for a better idea. These can be apt for commercial multi-tenant buildings.

Apartment system

It’s mainly for multifamily buildings allowing residents and visitors to communicate and grant access to each other with a door release function. You get this hardware product in two formats: master station and substation. The master station lies at the building’s entry point to help visitors locate a tenant/ resident in the directory and call. The wired system runs on the internet and attaches to the door lock. Substations are for indoor use in the apartments, enabling residents to talk to visitors and let them come in. You can pick a system that allows your mobile phone to replace the substation. You can see and speak to the visitor before giving entry. Nevertheless, it’s expensive because every apartment would require wiring for each hardware piece.

Audio system

Some people call it an apartment buzzer as it lets visitors talk to the tenants in the building. Some can include door access control also. Older buildings mostly rely on this system. Others have moved on to video models. So, if you build a new apartment building, it will be intelligent to choose video one. The price will be comparable to audio intercoms, but their functionality will be matchless. Just make provisions for wiring at the intended location where you will set up this system.

Video system

Along with audio, these devices can also send video content through a display screen. Hence, it’s convenient to understand the system will have an integrated camera. Some also allow connecting external cameras. The display screen will be separate for video output. You can incorporate it in different corners of the building. However, ensure you run this system online, as it needs more bandwidth for video content. Again, pick a device that helps connect to your phone. You can talk to the visitor and see him before granting access. 

A few pro tips

According to CTN News, you have seen the options, and there could be more. Hence, while shopping for one, you must consider the property type, such as commercial or residential. You must know where it will go on the gate or door. As hinted, something that also uses video capabilities can be better. Wireless can be an alternative if you have budget constraints. To enhance your place’s security, opt for an intercom that connects to the internet through a wire. As for budgeting, it can cost anywhere from USD $500-5000 or more based on features and functionality. Be flexible in this area as, after all, it’s about your property and its people’s safety.

No matter what model you need and why, the product should come from a trusted brand. You can rely on factors like durability and performance. It will be value for money whether you spend less or more amount.