Back then, kids had few things to do after school except play outside until dark. Most children nowadays would rather stay indoors with easily accessible phones and tablets. Since the younger generation lacks physical activities, today’s parents invest in enrolling their children in afterschool sports clinics.

But instead of going for the typical options like junior league baseball or swim classes, consider something a little different for your child. Try getting them into pickleball, a sport similar to badminton, tennis, and ping-pong. Aside from being a fun outdoor game, it provides many benefits for a growing child. Keep reading to learn why more kids are playing this sport lately.

  1. It’s A Fantastic Socializing And Bonding Activity

Participating in any sport often requires interacting with other players, and pickleball is no exception. There should be at least two people on either side of the net to play pickleball. You can also play the game in doubles. So, your kid could meet and befriend at least one new person during every session. 

Your child may want to play with you first to get the hang of the sport. Investing in high-quality women’s pickleball shoes before you step onto the court could help you keep up with their youthful energy.

While playing, children will learn the ins and outs of socializing and communicating with people of different ages. This is because pickleball is a sport even adults enjoy. This activity lets your child bond with friends and older family members who also love playing it. 

  1. It’s An Ideal First Sport For Young Children

Sports tend to intimidate little kids, especially when played on a wide field or a spacious covered court. But when many players are children, and the equipment resembles toys, your child might try it.

Pickleball doesn’t require a helmet and body padding like football does. All your child needs are a good paddle and plastic yellow balls with holes in them. These items are lightweight, making it easy for younger kids to handle them. They can also improve their hand-eye coordination while playing for hours. However, make sure your kid wears appropriate pickleball shoes to protect their feet from injury.

Older players might not even be a challenge against young novices. Newbies and children can play against experienced and older participants without significant losses. You only need to rally the ball to play pickleball until your opponent misses it. Kids must use their wits to win. There’s no speed or power involved.

  1. It’s Safe For Less-Active Kids

Pickleball may look like tennis and badminton’s cuter cousin, but that doesn’t mean it’s as intense. In fact, many players consider it a low-impact sport, making it great for kids to get into shape safely. If your child hasn’t played any physical activity for a while, pickleball could help them become active again. 

Some children with certain medical conditions may also get a go-signal from their doctors to take up a sport like pickleball. It’s gentle on the joints, so it’s normal to see older people sharing a court with younger players. But it stimulates enough movement to maintain muscle strength and improve respiratory health.

Encouraging kids to play sports may be challenging when they’re not interested in it or feel lazy. But ease them into it patiently. Watch pickleball videos together or observe a match at the nearest court. They might get intrigued when they see the action happen firsthand.

  1. It’s Beneficial For Mental Health

There’s a reason why once a child starts playing outside, it’s challenging to call them back inside. It’s known that exercise does wonders for a person’s overall physical and mental well-being. Exercise releases chemicals that counteract stress hormones. That’s why kids are often happier after playing sports with friends.  

When a child is undergoing issues or situations that could harm their mental health, their therapist might recommend them to take up a sport. Pickleball is one great option they can try. It could relieve tension and improve cognitive function. Kids calculate, act, and react while playing pickleball, encouraging themselves to focus on a goal. If they win a match, that’s an extra mood booster for them.

  1. It’s Absolute Fun

There’s no denying that pickleball is fun to play. The thrill of chasing a ball to hit it back across the court is something many children enjoy. It’s also an inclusive game that most people of any age can play. Anything can happen during a rally. So, it takes fast thinking to outwit opponents. 

This sport is easy to learn, and most children can promptly understand pickleball rules. They’ll start playing match after match with friends in no time. The only significant issue you may have as a parent of a young pickleball player is telling your child to stop and come home.

Pick Up A Paddle And Play

Pickleball is an underdog among sports because, at first glance, it looks like a low-impact kid’s game. But it’s just as exciting and fun to watch as other physical activities. It’s especially great for children still improving their motor skills and looking for new friends.

As a parent, you only want the best activities for your kid. So, consider getting them into pickleball. They might become happier and healthier, if not a future star athlete.