Writing an essay is always a matter of worry for students. However, this does not solely irritate the students but any new writer who wants to write a good essay. 

Essay writing is cumbersome due to various prominent reasons. 

  • Long writing process. 
  • Efficient writing skills with no grammatical mistakes. 
  • Proper sentence construction with evidence.
  • Representing the whole paper with proper formation and format. 

As an essay writer, your ultimate goal is to represent the discussion, including your thoughts, to the readers so they can easily understand and inherit your concerns and solutions to the subject matter. 

It is not just about just evidence that people want to see. If it was their idea to read an essay, they would rather search on Google to get the evidence they needed. 

However, writing an essay is not as easy as you think. It’s not just about depicting the evidence in words or writing your thoughts casually. Rather it is a mixture of research and writing skills where a writer can create a completely unique paper with appropriate methods. 

However, writing a long essay paper is sometimes more difficult than you think initially. You need unique tactics to increase the word count and ultimately complete a long essay paper. 

Tips To Write A Long Essay Paper

Writing a long essay paper would take more than you think. You must undertake some prominent steps to make the paper larger.

Well, it is not a story where you can add new sentences in general, but you need to understand the subject matter and the value of your research. You cannot just start a new paragraph irrelevant to your writing process.

So, it’s time to grab the best tricks here. We are with you, and you don’t need to worry about stretching your essay paper if you follow these tricks properly.

Add Supporting Evidence

Adding supportive evidence is the common form of your essay that will help you eliminate the writing shortage. 

Sometimes, we feel blank while writing for a long time or paper. Well, this is common for all writers, called writer’s block. 

Removing writer’s block from your way is best possible by adding as supportive evidence as you can. This is where the research process becomes prominent. 

The importance of extensive research to write an essay is inevitable. So, here you need to provide more than enough time to research your subject matter and find out as much evidence as you can to support your argument and increase the discussion length. 

Go Deeper Into The Topic

Going deeper into the topic may help you to generate more ideas for writing. Well, it is not just about the evidence that you need to depict only, but you have to generate new ideas by going deep into the subject matter. 

The more you dig in, the better you can find and adopt new ideas on it. Making your existing work more concise can help you to compress the information you’re conveying and prevent it from becoming overwhelming when trying to think of new things to introduce in your writing. When you are trying to learn new things by digging into the same subject matter, you are probably increasing the value of your writing as well. 

Use Transitional Phrases

Using transitional words may help you to get rid of the word count drought in your essay paper. If your intention is to increase the word count, then transitional phrases are a must. 

However, considering some common phrases like “In this case” and “on the contrary” might not seem convincing throughout the paper. 

Albeit, you can easily search for better and unique transitional phrases on Google to add and cherish.

Take Another Look At Your Outline

The days are gone when you have to search offline and go to libraries to find new writing ideas. In this digital world, nothing is impossible. 

We are lucky to be born and brought up in this technologically improved era. Now our only concern should be to use technology at its best to enhance our long essay writing abilities. 

Often we miss out on opportunities to discuss things in between the paragraphs, and at the end of the paper, we lack word count or volume. 

With this in mind, you can easily reconsider your primary outline of the essay and add something new as per your understanding of the missed-out discussions.

Breakup Paragraphs To Add Something New

This might be a known trick to you, but the process is different. We have already discussed that you do not have the luxury here to add paragraphs that do not relate to your subject matter. 

You also cannot form or start a new research area as you can only focus on one subject matter, and that is how essays are written. 

Well, this is the place where you can explore more to create something new. Here you have permission to write more with new paragraphs but with relevance. So, here you need to follow some instances of writing more with more research. 

Also, try to break the paragraphs into 100-200 words each so that you get the gap between the paragraphs to automatically increase the paper count and also can add your new thoughts easily in between those paragraphs. Breaking those into small sentences may help you to add new sentences easily. 

Go For An Essay Service Provider

Going for an essay service provider is one of the prominent options these days. If you think that you can manage everything on your own in your busy-schedule life, then you are going to get in trouble.

In most cases, we have seen writers running behind the deadline. This is a major concern for all writers to add value to their writing an essay paper and also submit the paper within the deadline. This is a major concern for all of us, and thus we need to find out more tricks for writing a long essay paper. This is where an essay writing service may provide you with what you need. 

They have efficient writers with experience to hand you a long essay paper with quality within the given timeline.

Follow these tips to ensure that you have completed the target word count of your essay paper while maintaining the quality and relevance of the paper.