As parents, we all want to celebrate our children’s milestones, whether it’s their first steps, first words, or first day of school. And what better way to do that than with a party! From baby showers to engagement parties, there are so many milestones to celebrate throughout your child’s life. In this post, we’ll explore some of the most common parties kids have throughout their childhood and how party-planning for your kids can span into adulthood.

Baby Showers

The first party most parents plan for their child is a baby shower. Baby showers are a celebration of the impending arrival of a new baby and are usually held during the third trimester of pregnancy. These parties are typically thrown by friends or family members and include games, gifts, and lots of baby-themed decorations. 

Some popular baby shower themes include wild safaris, nursery rhymes, and favorite children’s books. You can even include unique gender reveal ideas to add to the festivities. Although a healthy baby is all any parent wants, there’s nothing like sharing this special news with friends and family. 


As your child grows older, birthdays become the biggest party of the year. From first birthdays to sweet sixteens, every birthday is a milestone to be celebrated. Birthday parties can range from small gatherings with family and friends to big blowout bashes with entertainment and elaborate decorations. Some popular birthday party themes include princesses, superheroes, and favorite cartoon characters.


Graduations are a time to celebrate your child’s academic achievements and mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Graduation parties can range from small family gatherings to large-scale affairs with catered food and entertainment. Some popular graduation party themes include school colors, college mascots, and diplomas.

Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are a fun way to celebrate the season and spend time with family and friends. From Easter egg hunts to Fourth of July barbecues, there are so many holidays to celebrate throughout the year. Holiday parties can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be, but they’re always a great opportunity to create memories with your children.

Engagement Parties

As your child grows into adulthood, there are still plenty of milestones to celebrate. One of these milestones is an engagement. Engagement parties are a celebration of your child’s commitment to their partner and are usually hosted by the parents of the bride or groom. These parties can range from small gatherings to big affairs and often include speeches, toasts, and lots of food and drink.

Party-Planning Tips:

No matter what type of party you’re planning, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make it a success. Here are some of our top party-planning tips:

  • Set a budget: Parties can quickly become expensive, so it’s important to set a budget and stick to it.
  • Choose a theme: A theme can help tie everything together and make the party more cohesive.
  • Send invitations: Send out invitations in advance to give your guests plenty of time to RSVP.
  • Plan the menu: Whether you’re catering or cooking yourself, make sure to plan a menu that will please all of your guests.
  • Activities and entertainment: What’s a party without activities and entertainment to keep your guests engaged? From sparklers for wedding and engagement celebrations to DJ’s and games, it’s important to have something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Have a backup plan: No matter how well you plan, things can still go wrong. Have a backup plan in case of bad weather or other unexpected situations.

From baby showers to engagement parties, there are so many milestones to celebrate throughout your child’s life. Whether you’re planning a big bash or a small gathering, there are plenty of ways to make the party memorable. And as your child grows into adulthood, there will still be plenty of opportunities to celebrate their milestones. So why not start planning the next big party today?