Now that spring has sprung and summer is quickly approaching, it’s the ideal time to deep clean our homes. Open the cupboards, let in some air, and get to work on some of the simple instructions below to get your House Cleaning started: 

Photo by Anton on Unsplash

Deep Clean Your Windows 

You may have been diligent about cleaning the insides of your windows throughout the winter, but the outsides likely went unattended. If you want streak-free results after cleaning your windows, do it on an overcast day when the sun won’t dry them too rapidly.

Look At Your Floors

You probably already know that you shouldn’t wet-wash your wooden floors too often because it can cause greater damage over time. Spot cleaning and using floor wipes regularly will maintain a clean environment, while the annual spring cleaning is the ideal time for a thorough wet wash. This is something you would probably only do once every few months.

As a result of the wetter weather, your carpets may be looking a little worse for wear and should be cleaned about once every 18 months. Carpets can be cleaned with green carpet cleaners if you’re concerned about the environment and don’t want to use a lot of toxic chemicals. Adding carpet cleaning to your to-do list will give your carpets a new lease on life and make them feel like new.

Refresh The Bedding

Duvets and pillows may not get washed as regularly as the pillowcases and sheets do (every two weeks or so). You should wash these at least twice a year, and doing so in the spring is excellent. You could even sneak off to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy some fresh spring bedding for your bedroom.

Your Cabinets and Drawers

This is the perfect time of year to take everything out, have a sort out, and give them a clean down, since it is remarkable how much dust and particles actually make their way into the small spaces of drawers and cupboards.

Look At Your Dishwasher And Washing Machine

Although it is the dishwasher’s job to do the dirty work, you still need to keep it clean. Simply empty the dishwasher, add a cleaning tablet or detergent, and start a normal cleaning cycle.

It makes sense to clean the washing machine at the same time as the dishwasher. You may have noticed that at times your washing machine may smell a little stale. Use a washing machine cleaner or Zaflora to keep it fresh. Some washers will have a cleaning cycle, so run this once a month. 

Clean Your Oven 

Cleaning your oven is one of those things that you just have to get done. If starts to smell when you turn it on or has burnt food that has fallen to the bottom it’s time to get to work. Be careful when you do clean you oven as some cleaning products can linger and leave food tasting a little off. 

Clean Your Outside Furniture

The arrival of warmer weather is not too far off. Prepare your outdoor furniture now rather than waiting for it to arrive, this will save you time. Regardless of the method that was used to store your furniture. Before you can make effective use of it, it is highly possible that it will require being updated. Take it out sometime in the coming weeks and give it a thorough cleaning.

Sort Through Your Closet

Some of this is for the house, and some is for you. Organizing your closet is a great first step towards a more streamlined house. After a thorough cleaning, there will be more room in the closet to put away the garments that have been collecting on the cabinet. You can also use this time to sort through your closet and donate any items you no longer wear to a charity.

Keep Your Cleaning Equipment Clean

Another item that requires cleaning before it can be used! Some of the dust bunnies and debris you sweep up from the floor inevitably wind up in the broom handle or the bottom of the dustpan. To reduce the transmission of germs, wash your broom and dustpan in soapy water after each use.

This time of the year is very well known for deep cleaning and for a good reason. Start putting some time to one side to get some good cleaning done so you have time to enjoy the outdoors once summer is here. Do you have any spring cleaning plans? We’d love to hear about them below.