When it comes to vacationing, there are a lot of excitements and expectations to look forward to. From enjoying the white sand that lay along the shores to skydiving, swimming, camping, and fishing; if you can think of it, Hawaii probably has it. Similarly, there is also a significant part of a vacation that leaves a long-lasting memory in the heart of tourists that makes them look forward to another vacation, can you guess what it is? Food! Yes, what’s a vacation without trying out new food? Here are some of our local Hawaiian dishes that would make you want to visit Hawaii every weekend.

Top 5 most popular local foods in Hawaii

  • Spam Musubi

This amazing food has become a local Hawaiian delicacy through and through, even though it gets its inspiration from Asia. It is a combination of Sushi and Spam (which is processed canned pork). The Hawaiian spam musubi is one of the local people’s proofs of historic, inter-cultural culinary interactions dating back to historic times dishes. The dish incorporates Japanese sushi with spam in place of fish and is wrapped with nori (seaweed). It is greatly enjoyed by both locals and tourists.

  • Shaved Ice

If you enjoy crushed flavored ice as is the case with snow cone, then this dessert would blow your mind. Like the name implies, shaved ice is a sweet treat made with thinly shaved ice flakes drizzled with flavored colorful syrups, sweeteners and, in some cases, toppings. Imagine having a blast of icy mango, pineapple, strawberry, or citrus flavored to suit your cravings. You can enjoy this while taking a walk on the beach or while having a great time with family or friends. Maui Shaved Ice is one of Hawaii’s most popular local foods.

  • Huli Huli Chicken 

Finally, chicken! You may have been wondering if Hawaiians eat any other protein except fish and pork. Well, here’s an indigenous Hawaiian chicken delicacy. This dish is made by grilling sweetened marinated chicken. Just as the name implies, huli means turn. So, when one side of the chicken is cooked, it is turned to the other side to prevent the caramelization from burning. The smoke from the grill also enhances the teriyaki flavor of this dish. Huli Huli chicken may look like honey-glazed chicken, but this dish has the Hawaiian signature. 

  • Poke 

If this dish was not mentioned, then this article would be incomplete. This local dish originated from the first inhabitants of Hawaii before the advent of the Chinese, Japanese, and Mexican immigrants to Hawaii. It is made with raw fish marinated in sesame seeds, sesame oil, onions, limu seaweed, and soy sauce, often served as an appetizer or side dish. However, many tourists enjoy this as a wholesome lunch or dinner in their favorite restaurant in Hawaii. For some extra tangy flavor, it could be enjoyed with drizzled lime or lemon juice. It is a famous dish loved by both locals and tourists for its distinct flavor. 

  • Saimin 

This dish is for noodle lovers. Saimin is our local Hawaiian noodles soup made from wheat flour and eggs, and garnished with deli ham, and some spring onions as toppings. The soup is Hawaii’s own local seafood base, that is salted and seasoned with chili to give it that spicy feel. Saimin is beauty to the eyes and a delicacy in your mouth; no wonder some call it the “Hawaiian Ramen”. But beyond that, Saimin represents the Hawaiian love and culture of fish, which abound in the many waters that surround and run through the archipelago.

Hawaii is one of the most breathtaking destinations on the planet, which promises long-lasting memories and the time of a lifetime. Whether you’re there for business or pleasure, you can’t really absorb the Aloha spirit without a taste of the local foods that Hawaii offers.