I have been a member of Amazon Prime for many years. It was only more recently that I started using their Subscribe & Save program. I realized I should have been doing this for years! There are so many reasons to use this service, with lots of great benefits. Here are the reasons why I use Amazon Subscribe & Save.


First and foremost, Subscribe & Save is a great way to save money.  Think about every trip to the store – you are spending time and gas money to go to the store. Your time is valuable, and you are spending the time to shop for things, and not even necessarily getting everything on your list. We order things like large boxes of toilet paper and cat litter, and it saves so much hassle.

Secondly, Subscribe & Save prices are generally pretty good.  I get things like bulk toilet paper, and the price seems pretty good for the price.

I have found that the less I go to the store, especially places like Target, I am not spending money on extra things. How often do you go to the store for one thing, and walk out with much more than that one item?

Plus, Save Extra the More You Subscribe To

A notable tip is that the more you subscribe to, the more you save.  You can go from 5% off to 15% off.  It is nice to get a delivery of items knowing that I have my essentials, and at a discount.

Additionally, there are some Amazon exclusives, like the Amazon Basics brands, which are often very cost effective.


As a busy parent, I know how it can be easy to forget to reorder or restock things.  Or we know we are running low on something like toilet paper or tissues, but we don’t get a chance to get to the store, or when we go, the store is out of what we need. This could be anything from batteries to shavers, soap and toilet paper. There is no worries if I forget, and no running back and forth to the store. You can shop from the convenience of your home or wherever.

You Can Easily Change Your Subscription

It may take a few weeks or months to figure out the perfect subscription frequency.  It is quite easy to make changes to your scheduled delivery, either skipping, delaying or expediting it.  This is really easy to do, so there are no worries about ending up with things that you don’t want.

Overall, Amazon Subscribe & Save can be a convenient and cost-effective way to get the products you need regularly, without having to worry about running out or paying full price.