Hook and loop tape, sometimes known as Velcro, can be found in many different types of items all around us, from shoes to cushions.

Although there is a common misbelief that NASA itself invented hook and loop, it was invented by an engineer, George de Mestral, before NASA made it famous.

People have been using it since 1948, and it is available in different lengths and colors. Its popularity can be credited to its many amazing advantages and versatility. 

For a better understanding of why hook and loop is such a popular choice, here are some of its many significant advantages.  

Less Maintenance

Hook-and-loop tape requires much less maintenance than any other available option. It is completely washable and can be cleaned easily without much effort. It hardly requires any replacement, even after continuous washing and usage. 

Easy To Use

Hook and loop tape is quite easy to install and use, and you don’t have to be a NASA scientist to understand how it works. It is available in two different types, sew-on and adhesive. It can be easily attached to an item. Also, it can be effortlessly sealed and ripped multiple times. Due to its user-friendly nature, sew on hook and loop is a primary choice for clothing for kids and people with disabilities. 


Many individuals and industries use hook and loop as fasteners in carpets and office spaces. It is often used to provide placement to an object like cushions, kitchen cabinets, and home accessories. It holds on to an object like cushions on seats and prevents them from falling. 

Ideal For Bundling & Hanging

Another everyday use of hook and loop tape is bundling items like wires, pipes, and clothes. One can easily rip it off with slight force, but it does prevent objects from scattering and falling out of place. Thus, making it ideal for bundling items together in a bunch. Hook and loop are also ideal for hanging things like greeting cards, posters, photographs, small signs, keychains, etc. There is no need to drill holes or make changes to your walls. 


A significant advantage of hook and loop is that it is quite light in weight, which makes it suitable for many different uses, and due to its lightweight construction, it is ideal for clothing, footwear, and helmets. It is light in weight, yet it has the strength to hold things together for an indefinite amount of time.


For decades, hook and loop tape has been used for a variety of applications, from your bag to your footwear. It has various applications depending on the object. NASA scientists originally used it to prevent objects from floating around in zero gravity. 

Durable & Reliable

A hook and loop tape can withstand regular wear and tear, as it is highly durable and reliable. Even after months of usage, it will still work as new. You can seal it and reap it as many times as possible without worrying about causing damage or losing its functionality. It is long-lasting, thus making it ideal for shoes and helmets that face the most wear and tear. 


If you have been looking for a fastener solution that lasts long, is easy to use, and is multipurpose, look no further than hook and loop tape. For decades, it has been the first choice for many individuals and industries for its wide range of applications.