For many families, the type of dog breed they select as their pet says a lot about the family. While over 50% of American families own a dog, one of the most common breeds for households with children is a Poodle Mix. There are many things to love about this breed, not the least of which is their intellect which makes them easy to train and great protectors of the family and household. Their fluffy fur is irresistible to the adults and children in the home, making them a perfect kid-friendly breed to cuddle, but there’s plenty more to love about a Poodle Mix. Keep reading to learn why a Poodle Mix may be the perfect fit for your family if you’re considering adopting a dog into the home. 


If you have an active household, meaning you and your family members enjoy frequent walks, hiking, camping, and time spent in nature, the athleticism of the Poodle is second to none. Sure, these breeds convey a regality with their distinctive coats and posture, but they love nothing more than spending hours getting exercise. If your children are five or older and your home includes a large yard or outdoor area, the athleticism of the Poodle is an attractive feature worth considering. 


Poodles can be excellent guard dogs, this is true, especially if trained to be so, but they are also incredibly gentle. In fact, the breed is well known for its gentleness and kindness. Poodle mixes are gentle with adults and children (even babies) and with other dog breeds and animals. If your family already owns a cat or another dog, don’t be surprised to find your Poodle cuddling with your other furbabies once they get comfortable in the home. 


They say patience is a virtue, and Poodle Mixes have patience in spades. This is especially important if you have young children who may require training in interacting with a dog. This is worth noting because just as dogs require training, depending on your child’s age, training your kids to be good to your family pet is just as important. Both children and dogs need boundaries, but when it comes to your family’s Poodle, you can have the peace of mind that the breed will be patient with little hearts and hands. 


Poodles are known for their intelligence, which makes training them easy work. You can opt to train your Poodle on your own or invest in obedience classes to get the job done quicker, not to mention by professionals who do this all day. They are easily trained to behave well with kids and other animals and learn basic or more complex commands if that’s something from which you think your family would benefit. Their trainability makes Poodles and Poodle Mixes excellent service animals too.


The Poodle’s intelligence makes it a great family dog beyond its trainability. The intelligence of the Poodle as well as its heightened senses, make them excellent guard dogs that can alert you to any danger that may be present in or around your home. While the worst will likely happen, many parents find comfort in knowing their dog breed can alert them to anything insidious. They can also recognize instructions and have been helpful companions in crises. 


Saving the best for last, one of the most important reasons that Poodles and Poodle Mixes are excellent family dogs is the level of affection they bring to the table. Poodles of all sizes are very loving to their owners and the children in the household. Poodles love nothing more than to curl up on the couch or in the bed with their human families – which you may love despite their size unless they’re a toy breed. 

The Poodle and Poodle Mixes are worth considering if you’re on the hunt for a new dog. Another benefit to them is that all breeds of Poodles are hypoallergenic, meaning they won’t exacerbate allergy issues for people allergic to dogs, making them an obvious choice if you have a family member with a dog allergy. Good luck on your search for your new family dog, but keep the fun, energetic, trainable, and smart Poodle in the running; they’re worth the investment!