So, you’re visiting Kansas City and discussing possible activities with your friends. You’re in the scenic heartbeat of America and distillery tours probably were not at the top of your recreation list but maybe they should be. More than a million people annually can’t be wrong. While there are multiple reasons to visit a distillery, there are five very distinct reasons to put a distillery tour on your personal bucket list.

Distillery Tours are a Fun Way to Enjoy Drinks with Friends

Distillery tours are typically unique experiences in state-of-the art facilities and almost all will book a group tour. They include samples of the spirits and often offer totally awesome take-home extras. Many distilleries have eateries inside or at the very least serve some appetizers to soak up the alcohol. What a way to get chatty and mingle with friends? The tour guide serves as a designated driver so you’re in the clear.

Try Something New

If you’ve never been on distillery tours it’s a fun new way to socialize. You get to learn all about how the different spirits are made and have a blast deviating from the norm. Plus, if you’re on a group tour you’ll likely meet some interesting people to swap stories with. Who knows, you could make some great friends along the way. Fun new distilleries are opening their doors every day and taking the consumer experience to the next level.

Scenic Environments

Distillery tours take place in the distilleries, and many are set in some of the most beautiful places you’ll ever come across. The environment is particularly important to the taste of the spirit which means its very often gorgeous and suitable for pictures. From rolling grasslands to picturesque riverbanks and quaint little towns, you can soak up the scenery and feel good about posting on social media.

Distillery Atmosphere

The atmosphere of a distillery tour is one of a culturally diverse heritage. The history and traditions of a community throughout time are reflected in the spirit itself and you’ll get to learn all about ow its crafted. Some tours even include a meeting with the master distiller. Weather you’re a history buff or just an avid consumer, that’s some really interesting stuff. Sharing this fun, friendly atmosphere is a can’t miss. It’s almost time to polish up that bucket list. 

Cool Bottles and Even Cooler Stories

Some distilleries can sell to consumers but almost all offer some really neat exclusives. Seriously cool items nearly always come home from distillery tours, and they make great conversation starters at future get-togethers. If you like to collect rare bottles, then a distillery tour should be at the top of your bucket list. 

A good distillery tour is some of the most fun you can have and you can find them in nearly every city. From craft brew to crafty bourbon, which has its own month now, there’s a distillery tour for all of it. It’s clean, safe fun that expands your knowledge and often your circle of friends, too. Now it’s time to revise that bucket list.