Slowly over the years, more and more people have been retiring to Arizona, away from the cold temperatures of the northern states. And for good reasons: Arizona has a lot to offer when it comes to having peace and quiet, while still having interesting sites you can visit at your whim. So instead of floundering on the Internet, trying to find the best place in Arizona to move to, here is a compilation of the five cities in Arizona that have been dubbed the best to raise a family in.

1. Tolleson

Looking for new homes for sale in tolleson az comes with its perks and disadvantages. Although it’s a very small city in Arizona, it has quite a diverse population and has something for everyone to call it home. Houses are pretty affordable there, and it’s a small city that’s close to the metropolitan area if you’re looking for employment. The cost of living in Tolleson is lower than the national average, making it a great place for starting families who are living on a budget.

2. Paradise Valley

This place isn’t named Paradise Valley for no reason. Considered a slice of heaven, it’s a well-manicured city that butts up against the Phoenix metro area, providing you with good access to public transportation. Keep in mind, however, that it is considered the wealthiest township in Arizona, so you’ll have to keep your budget in mind when looking for homes in this area.

3. Flagstaff

If you’re more interested in a view, then look no further than Flagstaff. Located at the base of the stunning San Francisco Peaks, it is considered one of the best places to raise a family because of the great balance between nature and the amenities of the city. The climate is mild, there are a ton of recreational activities to keep the children occupied, and is considered to have a general higher quality of life for people of all ages..

4. Oro Valley

In the foothills of the Catalina Mountains, you’ll find Oro Valley, a city full of wealthy retirees and golf masters who just want to unwind on the weekends. Although the majority of the population is above school-aged, the valley still sports the second-best high school in the entire state, so who wouldn’t want to send their children there?

5. Chandler

Another city near the Phoenix metro area is Chandler. It has a relatively high safety ranking and plenty of recreational facilities in one of the largest cities in the country. It is home to 50 of the best hospitals as well, with a very well-renowned family birth center.

And to keep the children busy, there is the Crayola Experience, which is an amusement park that allows children to express themselves to their hearts’ desires.

Finding a new place to live in in Arizona doesn’t have to feel like you’re pulling teeth. With a bit of research and shopping around, you’ll find the perfect place in no time. If you’re still having a hard time trying to find the right location, then don’t hesitate to call an agent and see if they can help you find the perfect place you’re looking for to raise your family.