Forty sounds like a scary number when it comes to aging because it is much like stepping into a new world. You may find yourself worrying about losing hair, gaining weight, and developing age-related health issues. While women get a step close to menopause, men are also susceptible to hormonal changes on the other side of the forties. But self-care can keep you a step ahead of the signs of male menopause and the overall effects of aging. The New Year is the best time to define and implement your self-care goals with resolutions you are likely to stick with throughout the year. Here are some actionable New Year’s resolutions for men over forty.

Count your calories

Men are often less conscious about their calorie intake, but the forties are the right time to start counting them. Commit to measuring calories for every meal and every day this New Year. The practice may seem like a lot of work initially, but it becomes a breeze once you develop a habit. The good thing about doing so is that you become more conscious about your dietary choices. Moreover, you are in a better place to maintain a calorie deficit that ensures optimal weight. So get started with your calorie calculations from day one this year!

Get realistic about fitness

Getting realistic about fitness should be next on the New Year’s checklist for men over forty. Think of an actionable fitness schedule you are likely to stick with instead of dropping it within a few months. You can see a personal trainer to get a personalized workout plan according to your goals and capabilities. Likewise, set smaller milestones and realistic timelines that keep you motivated. Also, schedule a comfortable time for exercise so that you need not struggle to fit into your busy routine. 

Watch your testosterone levels

Men over forty should keep track of their testosterone because a dip does more than affect the muscles, energy levels, and libido. It can even lead to a decline in your physiology, personal relationships, and career. The hormone starts declining in men once they are past thirty. Consider seeing testosterone replacement therapy specialists if you experience telltale signs like fatigue, low libido, sleep deprivation, depression, and low self-esteem. Don’t settle for low testosterone levels, and consult TRT Australia to guide you on the necessary tests to qualify for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Getting a test every few months makes sense, even if you feel fit.

Stay ahead of annual screenings

Another New Year’s resolution for men over forty is to get annual screenings according to the doctor’s recommendation. Starting the year with a comprehensive medical checkup is a good idea. Your doctor can assess your current condition and risk factors to schedule the necessary tests. Typically, men should get tests for blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels, prostate screening, and colonoscopy. Your doctor may suggest additional ones according to your genetics. Staying ahead of these tests enables you to prevent diseases and get early resolution, even if something is amiss. 

Spend more time alone

Commit to spending more time alone this year if you are over forty. People often develop a fresh perspective on careers, relationships, money, and life at this age. Alone time enables you to reconnect with yourself and check your approach to things. Moreover, it gives you the much-needed space to relax amid a tight schedule and endless task lists. Take a day off from everything once a month, and plan a solo trip twice a year to fulfill this resolution. You will experience a new take on things with this simple practice. 

Nurture your mental health

Besides physical well-being, mental health should be a priority, even more, when you step into your forties. Embrace a new self-care routine that focuses on mental wellness through stress relief and thought decluttering. Meditation is the best way to take your mental health a notch higher. You can also pick healthy practices like yoga, journaling, mindfulness, and volunteering. Try holistic therapies like aromatherapy to experience inner healing. Strengthening your mind gives you better control over negative emotions and brings peace and happiness to your life.

Every year on the other side of forty brings wisdom and gratitude, provided you see it with the right approach. Commit to a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking to make the most of the best years of your life. You can try these simple New Year’s resolutions to ramp up your physical and mental health, enhance your relationships, and succeed in your career. Also, remember that life begins at forty, so enjoy the joys and relish the wisdom that comes over the years.