Moving into a new home is an exciting experience, but it is also a stressful one, and it is not unusual for people to feel out of place when they first try to settle in a new place.

The good news is, if you are moving to, or have just moved into, a new home, there are lots of things you can do to immediately make your new house feel more like home, so you can settle in far more quickly, including the following:

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Deep clean the place

It is often hard to settle into a new house when you keep thinking about the people who lived there before and how they used the house. One thing that can really help you to overcome this is giving the place a deep clean. 

Of course, you might be too tired and stressed out to do this yourself, in which case, professional moving in cleaning services are a great idea. They help you to freshen the place up and start with a completely clean slate.

Unpack the comfy stuff first

There are many different schools of thought around what you should unpack first but if you want your new house to feel like home as soon as possible, go for the stuff that brings you the most comfort. The blankets and pillows, the comfy clothing, and PJs. This will help you to settle in and feel more at home much more effectively than your CD collection or the contents of the kitchen ever could. 

Put up the pictures

Hanging your personal pictures; the photographs of the people you love the most and the best times you have had will help you to settle in very effectively indeed. You will only have to look at the photo of your newborn baby or your favorite childhood dog to get the warm and fuzzies that make you feel truly like you belong.

Get the kids’ toys out

If you have kids, the move to a new home can be particularly difficult for them, so although it might not seem like a priority to you, however, it will really help them to settle in if they have their favorite cuddly toy on their bed and their most treasured lego set and globe om their shelves, for example. Let them sort out their own rooms if they are old enough, and this will give them even more agency over the move, which is always going to be a positive thing that will help them to settle in.

A fresh lick of paint

A new house often does not feel like a home until you have applied a fresh lick of paint in a color that screams you. So, it is never a bad idea to start painting the rooms that you spend the most time in like the kitchen, living room, and your bedroom. Choose a color that is familiar and comforting and it will go a long way to helping you settle in.

Put out knick-knack

Whether it is the souvenir statue you bought on vacation in Italy or the family heirloom plate that has been passed down for generations, putting out knick-knacks that mean something to you is a great way to feel more at home and bring more of your own personality into the space you are in.

Light a scented candle

If you have a favorite aroma that always makes you feel safe and cozy, them investing in a scented candle or two in that very aroma and light it every night is a great way to help you settle in and get comfortable with your new home. It is also a great way to ensure that your home always smells completely amazing too.

Meet the neighbors

Meeting the neighbors is something many people put off until they have settled in, but getting to know them and putting your mind at rest that they are good people is often a better idea that will enable you to make contacts and make your home feel more settled, so it is definitely worth thinking about popping around sooner rather than later if you can possibly fit in the time to do so when you move in.

Making your new house feel like home means making a few simple changes and adding in elements that are important to you, but it is, as you can see, actually pretty simple to do, so next time you move house, don’t waste any time in making it feel more like home!