Families are feeling the sting of lingering inflation from 2022 all-time highs. Even though the rate has fallen since then, it’s important for people to use as many techniques as possible to lower their monthly expenses. Refinancing college loans, leveraging the power of digital coupons, and paying less for transportation are three of the most powerful ways to save in 2023. Here are details about each method.

Refinance Student Loans

Married couples who have children, single parents, and married adults who have yet to start a family can do themselves a favor by refinancing education loans. It’s the single most potent technique for cutting monthly bills and freeing up cash for use in other parts of the budget. Refinancing makes sense for several reasons. The easiest way to get started is to visit an online marketplace where all the top lenders display their detailed terms. That way, you can compare the most advantageous arrangements and choose a refinancing package that suits your needs, whether you currently make payments on one, two, or more student loans. When you refinance, not only can you get lower monthly payments, but you also gain access to more favorable terms and rates.

Being Smart About Smart Coupons

If you haven’t used coupons in a few years, be ready for a shock. Today’s all-digital couponing methods are an effective way to bargain hunt online and are also easier and faster. They can save consumers far more than the old clip-and-snip paper method. Several major websites charge no membership or other fees for users. The site owners make their profit from merchants. Consumers need only sign on to the sites, check for coupons on products they already buy, and download an app onto their phones. You use the digital coupon at the grocery or other seller’s checkout lane. The beauty of the cyber coupon tactic is that there are thousands of discounts on everyday products. It only takes about 10 minutes of perusing a coupon platform to find dozens of codes you can send to your phone. Consider using two or three platforms for maximum savings. Diligent shoppers can cut grocery and household goods bills by at least 5%, sometimes much more.

Slicing Transportation Costs Three Ways

With the pump price of fuel at an all-time high, it’s just plain common sense to focus on using less of the stuff. How? Step one for cutting family transportation expenses is joining a wholesale club that offers cents off on every gallon purchased. Even taking into account the annual club fee of around $75, the average consumer can make the most of a wholesale club membership and save hundreds of dollars per year on their fuel bills. 

Step two is driving less. This tactic takes a bit of planning, but it’s worth the effort. Make a list of your weekly car trips with an eye toward combining as many routine errands as possible. Combine grocery shopping, post office visits, and maybe a medical appointment all in a single trip. Be creative to save money at the pump. Finally, commit to using public transport services at least once per week. Most cities offer bus passes that are far less costly than buying gasoline for personal vehicles.