On a road trip through the Yucatan of Mexico, we decided to check out the town of Homun, known for its many cenotes. We found a guide to take us to several cenotes, and one of our favorites there was Cenote Canunchen.

This is one of the newer cenotes in the area, and I read somewhere that it opened in 2016.

We drove our rental car from Avant Car Rental, and then took a motor cart to the Cenote.

There is plenty of parking here.

There was some interesting artwork out front, and the guide mentioned that it was by a notable artist in the Yucatan.

We paid the entrance fee and headed over to the cenote. This was only $50 Mexican Pesos, which is about $2.50 USD per person.

There was a water feature out front with fish, which makes for a nice photo opportunity.

There are stairs to go down to the cenote.

There is a two-story staircase, with plenty of platform space on both levels. I don’t necessarily swim at the cenotes (my husband and kids do), and it is nice to have a spot to just relax and enjoy the surroundings.

The nice part about this cenote is that there are ziplines and platforms to jump off.

It was nice to have some different activities to do at the cenote. The cenote did get a little busy, but I would not say that it was particularly crowded. Homun is a small town, and the cenote was not crowded like the ones you might find around Tulum.

We enjoyed our time at Cenote Canunchen, and if you are a fan of cenotes, I highly recommend checking out the town of Homun.

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