A shipping container is a modular metal unit often used to transport goods by sea or land. They are commonly built from steel, making them very durable and weather-resistant. You can convert a shipping container into your own storage unit, office, or home. To buy a container, first pick your size, model, and desired features, search online for a seller, and inspect the unit. Then, purchase the shipping container and arrange for delivery. With some planning and research, you can easily own your own shipping container.

Container Grading

Container categorization also follows a grading system. This system often includes letter abbreviations of F, A, B, and C. An F- grade container, also known as a food grade, is a new one. Such a container is suitable for food transportation.

An A-grade container can be new, refurbished, or used. Such containers have minimal surface rust and an almost mark-free interior. They can be used for shipment, storage, and offices. Although used, a grade B container is cargo-worthy.

A grade C container is often called a wind and water-tight container. These containers have gone through significant wear, tear, and repairs. They can be used for storage but require a special license to be used for transportation.

Condition of the Container

When buying a shipping container, the condition you choose depends on the container’s intended purpose. New and used containers are popularly used as medical centers, carports, cabins, workshops, home additions, guest houses, moving cargo, and storage.

We recommend a pre-purchase inspection to check out the container before spending your money. Stock photos have a reputation for hiding reality; over-reliance on them could be a recipe for disappointment when the actual container arrives at your doorstep.

Used Containers

Used containers can be significantly less expensive than the new options. Used containers will all have some minor dings, dents and surface rust because they have been used in overseas freight for years. However, you may encounter several additional gradings or classifications. Those are IICL, Cargo Worthy, Wind & Watertight and As-Is.

Cargo Worthy Containers

The most common options are Cargo Worthy and Wind & Watertight. Both of these options are excellent choices for storage. Cargo Worthy containers have generally been inspected and deemed worthy of being used for shipping goods over land or sea (although they may not have valid CSC plates or documentation to be shipped internationally). 

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