Spreadsheets are still popular in the workplace today for many reasons. They provide a wide range of benefits to the employer, the employee, and to the community and business the workplace serves. Spreadsheets were originally invented in order to help keep budgets and ledgers tidier and more efficient. Today they are used for almost everything in the workplace, even increasing productivity.

If you aren’t using them, you should. Learn more about six top reasons why spreadsheets are still popular in the workplace, and why you should consider mastering them.

Make More Profit for Your Company With Financial Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets help a company to save money, improve productivity, and make more money. Financial spreadsheets are the most common spreadsheet used today, and they help a company to accomplish these goals. You can help your company to manage their finances, see what is coming and going, and track financial data from month to month. This will help you to help a company save money, and increase profits and profit margins.

A CSV is a comma separated value file that is a text file common to many applications that you can import into the spreadsheet program of your choice to help with these decisions in improving the financial outlook of a company. A spreadsheet program will take your CSV file and collate it in your spreadsheet instantly to help you see information quickly and efficiently. If you want to help your company make and save money, master financial spreadsheets and you become an instant hero.

Get Better at Work and Impress Your Employer With Spreadsheets

If you are able to use spreadsheets to help your company improve its finances and make more money, you are going to be a hero to them. But spreadsheets can help you become a hero in the workplace in many other ways as well. One way you can use spreadsheets to win at work is by learning how to use formulas. Imagine if you had a few hours blocked to make some spreadsheet magic happen for your employer, but used a SUMIFS formula that helped you to get it all done in 15 minutes instead.

Then, your employer would see your efficiency, know they gave the right person this job, and maybe even give you more responsibilities. Spreadsheets really help the end user in the workplace to excel, and you can show your boss how valuable you are when you master the simplest concepts in them.

Manage Marketing Campaigns and Projects Quickly

Marketing is key to a company’s success, and you can do well at work if you master this concept with spreadsheets. Using spreadsheets you can create blog analysis, track digital campaigns, follow social engagement and outcomes, and use spreadsheets for an effective marketing campaign.

You can also manage your sales team or front-of-the-line employers to make the most use of spreadsheet data for sales and marketing. Items such as pivot tables incorporated into spreadsheets can help you to summarize sales and marketing success in just a few clicks if you have mastered spreadsheets.

Plan Employee Time and Information Efficiently

If you manage employees, mastering spreadsheets will help you to manage your time and your employees more efficiently. You can use a spreadsheet to track the times coming in and going out of your employees, their hours, payroll, benefits, vacation time, sick time, and any other employee elements that your company uses and needs.

Many HR professionals and employee managers use spreadsheets to track their employee’s data so that everyone can succeed in the workplace. It is just another reason spreadsheets are so popular in the workplace.

Create Predictions With Spreadsheets

When you are in the workplace, predictions of any kind can be helpful. That is what spreadsheets can do. A SUMIF formula is just one example. You can design a spreadsheet that helps you to track past history of any element in the workplace in order to predict future history.

That could mean employee information, sales predictions, marketing results, and so on. Spreadsheets are used to not just regurgitate data in the workplace, but to make work simpler and more productive. Your work days get simpler and more productive when you are able to create predictions using spreadsheets.

Make Database Life Simple for Developers and Organizers

One thing that many businesses do not realize that a spreadsheet can do is that it can help to create a database for you. Spreadsheets are a miracle cure for developers and programmers that want to generate a database without having to go into programming language 100 percent of the time.

A good developer knows that a spreadsheet can create a database of rows and columns that are similar to the rows and columns seen in software like MySQL or Oracle. Mastering spreadsheets help developers win at work too.

Master Spreadsheets in the Workplace Today

Spreadsheets are no longer the age-old ledgers of yore, but can be used for a wide range of purposes and benefits that will have you winning at work. And when you win at work, you feel like you can win at life. There are so many reasons why spreadsheets are still popular in the workplace. These are the top 6 reasons that anybody will tell you are the most common reasons spreadsheets are popular at work.

There are more, but these reasons are a great starting point if you are thinking of learning spreadsheets today. Bring spreadsheet mastery to your next job interview or employer meeting and you will be ahead of the game for them. Master spreadsheets in the workplace today and get ahead of your competition, at work, and outside of work.