History of Ap Lei Chau

Ap Lei Chau is an island located off the south coast of Hong Kong Island. It is part of the Southern District and has a population of around 40,000 people. The name “Ap Lei Chau” means “the anchoring place for boats” in Cantonese, as it was a popular location for fishermen to anchor their boats. 

The history of South Horizons Ap Lei Chau dates back to at least the 16th century when it was first inhabited by fishermen and farmers. 

The island’s strategic location near other major islands such as Lantau and Cheung Chau resulted in it becoming an important trading port during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). This led to rapid economic growth on Ap Lei Chau, with numerous wealthy merchants setting up business here. In addition, several temples were built on the island during this period including Pak Tai Temple and Tin Hau Temple which still stand today. 

In 1841, Ap Lei Chau became part of British Hong Kong after Britain seized control following their victory in the First Opium War against China. During this period, development projects began on Ap Lei Chau such as reclamation works which allowed more land to be made available for housing developments and factories. This attracted many people from outside Hong Kong.

Geography and Location of Ap Lei Chau

Ap Lei Chau, a small island located in Hong Kong’s southern waters, is one of the most densely populated islands in the world. It sits on the east side of Hong Kong Island and its location has been strategically important throughout history. As a result, Ap Lei Chau has become an integral part of Hong Kong’s culture and economy.

Geographically speaking, Ap Lei Chau is roughly 1 sq km (0.4 sq miles) in area and consists of two main parts: the north-eastern section which is mainly residential; and the south-western section which includes areas for industrial development. The island is connected to Aberdeen on Hong Kong Island by a causeway that was built in 1915 to provide transport links between them. 

The main landmarks on Ap Lei Chau are two mountains: Sharp Peak (338m above sea level) and Tai Koo Shing (248 m above sea level). The highest point of both mountains offer stunning views over Aberdeen Harbour and Victoria Harbor with some spectacular sunsets during summer evenings! 

The population of Ap Lei Chau is largely composed of people from mainland China who have migrated here due to its economic opportunities as well as its proximity to downtown areas such as Central District or Sheung Wan.

Transportation to Ap Lei Chau

Ap Lei Chau, also known as Aberdeen Island, is an island located in the Southern District of Hong Kong. It has a population of over 30,000 people and is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Due to its proximity to Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, it is often referred to as “Hong Kong’s backyard”. As such, transportation links between Ap Lei Chau and other parts of Hong Kong are important for commuters and visitors alike.

One way to get to Ap Lei Chau from central Hong Kong Island is by ferry. The Star Ferry operates a service from Central Pier to Ap Lei Pai every 15 minutes during peak hours and every 30 minutes off-peak hours. The journey takes approximately 10 minutes and costs around HK$9 (US$1) per person one way. For those wanting a faster option, there are also high speed ferries available which take just 5 minutes but cost around HK$25 (US$3) per person one way.

Another option for getting around Ap Lei Chau is by taking the local bus service operated by City Bus or Long Win Bus Company. There are several routes that pass through major destinations on the island including Wong Chuk Hang MTR station, South Horizons MTR station and Ocean Park.

Attractions in Ap Lei Chau

Ap Lei Chau is an island located in the south of Hong Kong. It is known for its stunning views and vibrant atmosphere, making it a great place to visit. With so much to see and do, there are plenty of attractions in Ap Lei Chau that will keep you entertained throughout your stay.

One of the main attractions in Ap Lei Chau is the South Horizons Golf Course. This 18-hole course offers some amazing views of Hong Kong’s skyline and Victoria Harbour, making it a great place for golfers to practice their swing. The course also has a clubhouse with facilities including a driving range, putting green and chipping area.

The Island Resort & Waterpark is another popular attraction in Ap Lei Chau. This resort features several water slides, an outdoor pool and many other fun activities for families to enjoy together. For those looking to relax after a day at the Waterpark, they can take advantage of the beachside restaurants or take part in some beach volleyball games on one of the many courts available around the resort area.

For people looking for something more cultural than they should check out Discovery Park which dates back over 200 years ago when it was used by local fishermen as an anchorage site during storms or unfavorable weather conditions at sea.

Cultural Significance of Ap Lei Chau

Ap Lei Chau, or Aberdeen Island, is a densely populated island located off the southern coast of Hong Kong. It is home to over 60,000 people and is one of the most densely populated islands in the world. This small island has a long and rich history that goes back centuries and it has been an important part of Chinese culture for generations. Ap Lei Chau also plays an important role in today’s modern Hong Kong society.

One aspect of Ap Lei Chau cultural significance is its role as a major cultural center in Hong Kong. The island was originally settled by fishermen from Guangdong province in China during the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). These fishermen established villages on Ap Lei Chau and their descendants have lived there ever since, creating a unique culture that blends their traditional Cantonese heritage with local customs from Hong Kong. There are many traditional festivals celebrated on Ap Lei Chau such as Chinese New Year and Dragon Boat Festival, which attract thousands of visitors each year. 

The cuisine offered at restaurants around the island also reflects its cultural roots – seafood dishes dominate menus due to its location near fishing grounds while dim sum specialties are popular choices among locals who live there or visit from elsewhere in Hong Kong or mainland China. 


Ap Lei Chau is a vibrant and diverse district of Hong Kong, with a wide variety of attractions to suit all tastes. From its rich maritime heritage, to its modern shopping malls and parks, Ap Lei Chau is an ideal destination for anyone looking for something new and exciting. Its convenient location also makes it the perfect spot for visitors looking to explore the rest of this cosmopolitan city. With so much to offer, Ap Lei Chau is sure to be a memorable part of any Hong Kong trip.