The Sous Vide Cooking Technique

The sous vide cooking technique has taken the restaurant industry by storm in recent years, and there’s no chance of it slowing down any time soon. Sous vide is a French term translating to “under vacuum” and refers to the method of cooking food low and slow in a preheated water bath. This method is especially beneficial in the fact that it allows the food to maintain its natural integrity and flavor. The food is stored in an airtight, vacuum-sealed bag and then fully submerged in a cooking vessel filled with water. As the food cooks, its natural juices and flavors are given off and the food is better able to absorb these flavors and juices throughout the cooking process.

The great thing about the sous vide technique is that little to no seasonings or flavoring additions are required and it also requires very minimal preparation and cleanup. It’s a great way to cook just about any dish thought possible and is bound to produce a delicious and flavorful meal each and every time!

The Perks of Sous Vide Steak in Restaurants and Kitchens

Sous vide steak has become especially popular in restaurants and kitchens in recent years throughout the world. Sous vide prepared steak is extremely flavorful, and always cooked to a perfect consistency. If you’re looking to save your kitchen time while also producing a delicious and flavorful dish, look no further than to sous vide prepared steak.


Consistency is a key reason why so many restaurants are adding sous vide prepared steak to their menu. The steaks are better able to be prepared to the perfect temperature and texture every single time. Not only does this save the kitchen an ample amount of time in terms of having to recook sent-back dishes or steaks that became overcooked and dry, but it also helps to ensure the guests’ satisfaction with their meal. The steaks can be cooked exactly to the guests liking in a much easier and quicker fashion than alternative cooking methods.

Requires less cooking time

Sous vide prepared steaks also help to save restaurants time and manpower. When cooking steaks sous vide style, it requires very little active cooking time on the chef’s part. This allows them more time to focus on other dishes offered by the restaurant and to put their time and efforts where they’re truly needed.

Tender & Flavorful

Lastly, the sous vide technique works to produce tender and flavorful steaks every time! The steaks are better able to retain their moisture because they’re cooked in their natural flavors and juices. This is far better than the alternative cooking methods available for cooking steaks, as they oftentimes because dry and less flavorful throughout the cooking process.

Different Kinds of Sous Vide Steak

Of course, there are several different options available when it comes to preparing sous vide style steaks. This makes sous vide steaks a great option for just about any meal. And the best part is, they can be enjoyed by just about anyone with any dietary preferences.

Beef steaks

Beef steaks are especially popular in the restaurant industry and make for a great addition to any menu. However, there are many different cuts of beef steak to choose from. For instance, you can cook sirloin steaks, ribeyes, New York strips, and so many other options. The great news is, regardless of the type of beef steak you’re preparing, the sous vide technique can be used to cook it.

Fish steaks

Fish steaks are another great option to add to your restaurant menu, especially when prepared sous vide style. Whether it be salmon, swordfish, or tuna, they are bound to be perfectly cooked and extremely flavorful additions to your kitchen’s menu when prepared using the sous vide cooking technique.  

Other Meat Options (Pork, Chicken, or Lamb)

There are also several other meat options available to add to your kitchen’s menu such as pork, chicken, and lamb. The great thing about using the sous vide method when preparing these different cuts of meat is that, even though they’re oftentimes thought to be tougher or cheaper cuts of meat, that’s not the case when cooked using the sous vide cooking method. The sous vide technique works to break down the tough proteins and tendons found within these cuts of meat and allows them to become extremely moist and flavorful throughout the cooking process. This method also helps to avoid overcooking or undercooking the cuts of meat, as well.

Sous vide prepared steaks make for a great addition to any restaurant’s menu. Not only do they deliver consistency, but they’re also extremely tender and flavorful, and can help to save your kitchen time and money in the long run!