Having a bundle of joy while being a full-time mom could mean handling so much at a go. This means juggling baby care, household chores, and office work or business. Indeed this is not an easy task, especially when running errands.

A pram caddy is an excellent solution for organizing all your necessities in one place. With this, you can step out with your baby and have all your essentials to carry with you. Moreover, you can keep everything within easy reach and avoid misplacing your necessities.

Modern pram caddies come with compartments and pockets for storage. It could fit your baby’s stuff—especially the nappies, extra clothes, and baby bottles—and your personal items like your phone, keys, and water bottle. Therefore, it’s ideal for getting a high-quality pram caddy to carry everything when you leave your house.

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Tips For Buying A Pram Caddy

It will help if you first browse the range of pram caddies, especially since there are various brands and designs to choose from. Likewise, you can consider the tips below to help determine the right pram caddy for you and your kid.   

  1. The Material Of The Pram Caddy

As mentioned, you’ll come across many pram caddies from various brands and designers, some of the good quality and some that will only last for a few months. For instance, a mesh pram caddy is excellent if you want to quickly see your things inside. However, you may prefer keeping your valuables like your wallet and phone in your other bag or pocket where it’s more secure. Moreover, a mesh pram caddy’s capacity may be limited as its durability may not be as robust as those made in leather. Leather pram caddies are more durable, lightweight, and easy to clean.  

Ultimately, you should take your time to research different materials used to produce pram caddies. The aim is to get a quality one that’ll last for a reasonable amount of time. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money going over pram caddies every few months.  

  1. Size Of The Pram Caddy

Besides designs and brands, pram caddies also come in different sizes. Remember that it’s best to consider the number of your children when choosing your pram caddy’s size. For example, a middle-sized caddy could fit your and your baby’s essentials. However, if you have two or more babies, you may want to opt for a larger pram caddy. This way, you don’t have to carry two different caddies, which can be uncomfortable.

  1. The Shoulder Strap

One of the important things you need to consider before purchasing a pram caddy is the shoulder strap. Sometimes you may only need the caddy because you don’t want to push the pram across town, and this is where the shoulder strap comes in. It allows you to carry the caddy on your shoulder without taking the pram with you all the time. 

Some stores will sell you the pram caddy with shoulder strap, but some won’t. You’ll have to go out of your way to get one for yourself. Remember, it’s not an unnecessary purchase; you’ll still use it when your baby outgrows the pram.

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  1. Bottle Holder

On many occasions, as a mom, most of your baby’s essentials are in liquid form and are stored in baby bottles. For this reason, buying a pram caddy with a bottle compartment can save you a lot of hassle. It secures your baby’s drinks from leaking and dripping, and you don’t have to peek into the cram constantly to see if the bottle is tilted whenever you hit a bump or lose control of the pram for a second. Imagine the amount of cleaning you’d have to do.

  1. Zip Opening

Buying a pram caddy with a zip-up top is an excellent idea. You’ll be at peace knowing that all your accessories are well-stored and safe. A zip opening will help you close your caddy and prevent items from falling off unnecessarily. Delicate items such as car keys and other valuables will also be safe. It’ll also save you from pickpockets.

  1. External Pocket

A nice pram caddy should have an external pocket to enable you to store some of your belongings within your reach. An outer pouch will be helpful when you want to keep receipts, coin purses, and money. That’ll go a long way to provide you with the quickest access you’ll need.


The pram caddy you purchase will determine whether or not you’ll have all your baby essentials with you, even just for quick errands. Therefore, you have to make some effort to purchase one suitable and perfect it for your pram. Most brands offer exclusive offers on pram caddies, making it a tiresome task to choose the best one. However, the tips shared herein will equip you with the knowledge necessary to buy the best pram caddy to run your errands gracefully. Ideally, purchase one that perfectly accommodates the typical baby essentials you move around with.