It’s a matter of fact that Kiwis like playing casino games a lot. A large part of the population enjoys gambling as entertainment in an online or offline format.

Our guide will tell you about popular games Kiwis like to play in casinos. You’ll learn about every type of NZ online gambling machine that gamblers find the most entertaining.

  1. What Games do Kiwis Like to Play?

New Zealand online casinos offer users many hundreds of gaming titles in the lobby section and a variety of game types. The most popular of them are:

  • Pokies;
  • Blackjack:
  • Poker;
  • Keno;
  • Video Poker.

Below, we’ll take a brief look at every game type.

  1. Pokies

It’s definitely the most popular type of casino game in any casino. Pokies are easy to play and attract players with big payouts. You can get a prize thousands of times bigger than you bet per line in a single spin of the reels. In addition, online pokies are increasingly popular and offer the opportunity to win prizes thousands of times larger than your bet per line in a single spin of the reels.

Pokies are often called slots, which is a more international name. NZ casinos have different types of pokie machines for players, including:

  • video pokies;
  • classic gambling machines;
  • jackpot pokies;
  • fruit slots;
  • Megaways.
  1. Blackjack

This card game appeals to New Zealand gamblers with a quick pace and a low house edge, which is usually no more than 0.5%.

Playing blackjack is easy, cause everything you have to decide whether to draw another card or not. The objective of every gaming round is to get a card hand close or equal to 21 points and this way outplay the dealer. The maximum payout per round is 3 to 2.

  1. Poker

In online poker rooms, you can play community games with other players. Casino poker is different. You play it against the dealer.

The objective of the game is simple: get a better card combination than the dealer and win the round.

Casinos in New Zealand offer several popular poker variations, including 3-Card Poker, Casino Hold’em, and Caribbean Stud.

  1. Keno

Keno is a lottery-style game with simple rules. You choose numbers, which you think the Random Number Generation machine will reveal, and then purchase a ticket. The more matches you get, the bigger your reward.

With many numbers included, the keno win may reach a size of a jackpot, but the minimum number of matches to get a win will increase as well.

  1. Video Poker

If you combine pokies and poker, that’s what video poker would probably be. The game uses a standard poker hand ranking with minor modifications. The objective of the game is to get the best combination of cards. You can swap a part of your card hand to improve it.

Popular variations of video poker are:

  • Jacks or Better;
  • Bonus Poker;
  • Deuces Wild;
  • Joker Poker;
  • Double Bonus Poker.
  1. Why do People Play Casino Games?

Gambling is a very engaging activity, which can be lots of fun if you play responsibly. Kiwis like to gamble foremost because of the entertainment the game brings. Especially if it’s a well-elaborated gaming machine with a sophisticated design, an interesting theme, and a good music background.

The second crucial factor is payouts. All players dream of big prizes, so it’s natural that getting a reward is a major goal in online gambling. Many Kiwis also play casino games to win a progressive jackpot. You just need to treat it as entertainment and not as a way to earn money.