Near-death experiences are more common than you imagine. In fact, everyone knows someone who has been through it. You may even learn that a close friend or colleague may have gone through it. Scary as it sounds, a near-death experience can be an eye-opener. People who see and feel the end often get a new perspective and make a fresh start. Many even remember the details and share their life lessons with friends and loved ones. Here are the most common ones fortunate people come across after seeing what the afterlife looks like.

Be grateful for what you have

Most people fail to practice gratitude, even if they have food on their table, a loving family, and good health. Seeing death up close opens the doors to gratitude, as you find yourself appreciating every little thing you have. Anyone who has been there will realize how it feels to be away from your loved ones, knowing that there is no way to return. But if you are lucky enough, you will value gratitude more than ever. 

Accept that you cannot control everything

Although it is possible to make babies in the lab and treat the deadliest diseases, some things are still beyond human control. A near-death experience can teach you that life and death have nothing to do with personal choices. Even the most careful drivers may die, and reckless ones get to live. Things happen because they are destined that way, so you should not try to control them. 

Cherish every moment

No one tells you to cherish every moment you get with your loved ones, and you probably let them go. But life after death will be in a different world, away from your family and friends. Seeing that world on the other side during a near-death experience teaches you to make the most of every second you live. Take the opportunity to show your love and appreciation, and avoid harboring hard feelings. Remember that you will lose it all someday. 

Do what you love

Near-death experiences show that the next moment may be your last on the earth. You may never get to do things you love only because you think about picking them tomorrow. A work deadline or family gathering seems more important than following your passion for writing or playing an instrument. But when you reach the other side, you will surely regret your choices. Commit to following your passions and doing things you love today and not later.

Slow down

Another life lesson that a near-death experience teaches you is to slow down and connect with yourself. Of course, there are tasks to finish and deadlines to close, but you may never reach these goals if death is around the corner. Pause, think, and feel your emotions whenever you can. It may take a conscious effort to lose pace and give up on the seemingly important chores, but you will not regret doing it. 

A near-death experience makes one a new person who knows life better and understands the meaning of the afterlife. You can follow these lessons from people who have been there to get a fresh perspective.