If you have children or grandchildren, you know they get invited to several birthday parties each year. This means purchasing presents and attending fun events with your children. Long ago, a child may bring baked goods to their friend as a birthday gift. Mary Macleod Shortbread is a wonderful treat to set out near the birthday cake or candy table.

Here are 9 perfect gifts to bring to a kid’s birthday party:

1. Board Games

When most kids want the latest electronics, it’s nice to give them something they can enjoy with their entire family or a group of friends. Traditional board games will fit that bill. There are so many new and older games that are fun and not complicated, even a younger sibling will enjoy the family game night. Check out EveryMarket for many choices that your family would surely love.

2. Card Games

Gifting card games is another way to bring a family together. They not only promote family togetherness but help with math skills and critical thinking.

3. Craft Kits

Once thought of as a girl’s toy, craft kits are for all the kids. There are kits that promote sewing and fashion, as well as organization and creativity. There are simple kits with a needle and thread or beads, to more complicated kits with rock tumblers and pottery wheels.

4. Disney Gift Box

No matter what your child’s birthday party theme is, there is sure to be something fun and exciting for them in a Disney Gift box! From plush toys and games to exclusive apparel and accessories, these baskets are perfect ways to show your love and celebrate the special day. Add some pizzazz by choosing a Disney gift box that features Mickey or Minnie Mouse-themed items!

5. Science Kits

Most kids love to experiment. When they have the proper tools and ingredients, it makes it easier to concoct something new and cool. There are age-appropriate kits to create everything from volcanos to slime and fizzy drinks.

6. Puzzles

All children love a challenge and puzzles fills that desire to figure things out. There are puzzles that are complicated to the simple. Everything from a photo of their family or pet to a unique building halfway around the world can be turned into a personal puzzle.

7. Builder Kits

Beyond blocks, there are kits that can help children build entire cities, cars, manufacturing companies to a simple schoolhouse. These types of kits help children with so many different lessons, beyond math and critical thinking.

8. Legos

The traditional small blocks have come a long way since the beginning of their invention. There are kits for nearly every interest and popular movie or trend. The trendy blocks now come with small people, animals, and other types of connections beyond the rectangles.

9. Kitchen Kits

Baking kits have always been a favorite of girls, but with the rise of cooking shows, all children are requesting kits they can use along with a parent in the kitchen. Paired with a small child’s oven, these make great gifts for children over six or seven years old.

10. Handheld Games

Electronic games are always going to be a hit with all age children. There are games that help toddlers with numbers, letters, and colors. Older children can choose games that help them think critically by building cities, solving mysteries, or escaping locked rooms with clues.

Choosing the perfect gift for your child or their friends doesn’t have to be stressful. And you don’t have to go along with the latest trends. Think about what you liked as a child and go from there.