With the arrival of winter fast approaching, people are starting to bring their seasonal clothing out of storage. Heavy coats, gloves, and earmuffs will likely become an essential part of your daily outfit for the next few months. After all, ‘tis the season for low temperatures and blankets of snow, so staying warm has to be your top priority if you want to feel comfortable enough to do your regular activities. 

Nevertheless, a lot of people dread needing to wear layers upon layers of clothes to get warm. Putting on more winter clothes isn’t only a hassle; it’ll also make you look and feel bulky. Fortunately, you can strike a balance between showcasing your style and dressing warmly by layering your winter outfits with the right types of clothes.

Here are six items you can include in your winter wardrobe to protect you from the cold without obscuring your figure or limiting your movement:

Thermal Underwear and Heat-Generating Base Layers

When facing cold winds and low temperatures, you need to reinforce your winter outfit with underwear and base layers made from insulating fabrics. These types of clothing are designed to trap body heat and keep the cold out. They’re also thin and lightweight, so they barely add any bulk to your outfit. Plus, there are many different types of thermal clothing, so you can find thermal bras and panties, as well as heat-generating undershirts and tights for women with ease. 

Light Inner Clothing

After you’ve selected your heat-retaining undergarments, you can start building your inner clothing layers. You can wear your regular clothes over your thermal base layer since the underwear will help keep you warm all day long. However, you may need to add more clothes to the inner layer on extremely cold days. It’s better to put on several layers of garments made from lightweight fabric rather than rely on a single thick garment. Apart from not feeling as heavy and bulky, you can also opt to remove some of the layers if you get too warm.

Long Sweaters or Sweater Dresses

Sweaters are comfy, soft, and made from warm fabrics like wool and cashmere. The cozy texture makes them a favorite winter staple for many people. However, a lot of sweaters are designed to be thick, so they can make your top look bigger when you put them on. Luckily, long sweaters and sweater dresses that fall past your waistline can allow you to enjoy this knit fabric without looking baggy. The longer length of these types of sweaters creates a more balanced-looking silhouette, so you don’t look top-heavy. 

Throwing on a long sweater or sweater dress is also a great way to fight the winter cold on the days you don’t want to wear pants. What’s more, they’re available in styles that add more warmth to your outfit. If you want to look elegant during a winter party, for example, you can wear a long-sleeved, turtleneck sweater dress over your base layer to fit the occasion.

Choose Outerwear That Shows Off Your Shape 

Cardigans, vests, blazers, and coats are great pieces of outerwear to complete your winter look. Unfortunately, many of these clothes look unflattering on certain body types because they draw attention to the wrong areas. If you want to avoid the bulk, pick outerwear that offers a slimmer fit. For example, if the weather allows you to wear something lighter, a slim cotton cardigan or a long leather jacket will give you a sleeker figure compared to puffer jackets. For those extra cold days, however, you can wear coats that have belts or offer a clean silhouette to flaunt your curves.

Winter Accessories

Accessories designed for winter weather ensure that you stay warm without needing to put on more clothes. Items like gloves, mittens, scarves, and winter hats are easy and light to wear. They also come in many different styles, colors, and materials, so you can pair them with almost anything. Want to give your ski-resort-inspired outfit a bit more flair? Then wear a pom-pom beanie to give your look an eye-catching touch. Looking for something that adds a bit of elegance to your winter wonderland style? Put on a pair of knitted fleece gloves in colors that match your outfit to keep your hands warm.


Winter is the perfect time to wear stylish socks. Their warm and thick material offers a great contrast to your slimming winter wear layers, adding a nice dimension to your outfit as a result. Socks can also give your look a pop of color, especially if your winter wear is mostly composed of neutral-colored garments. Wearing knee-high socks with a snowflake pattern, for example, lends a festive touch to your all-black getup.

Remember, Wear No More Than Three Layers 

A good rule of thumb when it comes to wearing layers is to not wear more than three layers. Going beyond that becomes too bulky and restrictive, so be smart and choose the right types of clothing when dressing for winter. Putting on several layers of clothing will definitely keep you warm without feeling heavy or uncomfortable. Experiment with different pieces from your closet to find combinations that you’ll love. Get creative, have fun, and enjoy being snuggled up in winter clothes that don’t make you look or feel bulky.