Kids’ parties nowadays may seem too expensive with all the festivities, decorations, and other fancy aspects. But in reality, kids don’t need much of that because both parties are memorable regardless of money. But if you wish to throw a party for your child’s birthday, there’s one thing that’s always a classic favorite, the birthday party favors. 

When your child’s friends and family members attend the party, it is nice to thank them for celebrating with you. Handing out favors is one of the best ways to show your appreciation.

However, if you have hosted kids’ birthday parties before, you may run out of ideas about what to put on the goodie bag. It is popular and easy to do a combination of candies and chocolates. This may be the best time to change things up, so here are non-food birthday favors.

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1. Pinwheels 

Pinwheels are another fun idea for a non-food birthday favor. These are great, especially for younger kids or toddlers, as they provide more excitement and thrill. Pinwheels are wind-driven toys, so the kids can run around and enjoy watching their pinwheels spin. 

In addition, pinwheels can be made of paper or plastic, which can help you save money instead of costlier favors. 

2. Pencils, Pens, Crayons, Markers or other Craft Items

Kids love art, and by giving them pencils, pens, crayons, and markers, your favor is something that will be useful for them. Their parents will appreciate it too because it will encourage their kids to become more creative.

You can also pair your coloring materials with a small activity or coloring book. By handing out this kind of favor, you’ll surely make the party more memorable for the children.

There are endless possibilities for craft favors, like beads, bead kits, paints, and more.

3. Bubble Wands

Bubble wands are a classic party favor idea. It can be any size of wand, which is suitable for boys and girls. It is another treat kids will surely enjoy, and you can give them as early as the party begins so they can use it throughout the celebration. 

However, with bubble wands, you have to exercise more caution than that with other toys. Be sure the ages of the kids you’re giving the wands to are old enough to understand it’s not for drinking. Or, at least have adult supervision once the kids receive the bubble wands. 

4. Puzzles 

Puzzle party favors can also be an excellent idea for a birthday. For younger ages, you can give a puzzle set with bigger pieces for easy assembly. But for bigger kids, you can go for a more challenging set. Puzzles could be an excellent way to sharpen their brains while having fun.

Cardboard puzzles are the norm. But, if you have kids like a three-year-old, wooden ones would be excellent. It all boils down to the average age of your child’s guests. Therefore, before purchasing puzzle sets as a favor, best assess the age range of the children. 

5. Clay, slime, or other sensory toys 

Play dough clay and other sensory items have become the new favor favorite. These have gone even more popular nowadays, as these can help a child’s development, harnesses their creativity, and have fun at the same time. Kids get excited about making different shapes and forms with clay or slime. However, it is important to choose natural play dough favors or non-toxic items so you don’t have to worry about safety hazards. Sensory toys such as pop it toys are always a crowd pleaser!

6. Custom Favors 

Custom favors can be a lot of fun, and can be anything from sunglasses to toys printed with your child’s name or the date.

You can also hand out custom favors during the party, such as custom badges that can print out whatever design you prefer, even the names of your kid’s guests. Therefore, it is best to buy custom badges in advance, so your supplier can accommodate your customized badge requests.


Preparing your kids’ party bags can be exciting but challenging, especially when you want to make the party more memorable for everyone. There’s much to consider when deciding what to put inside the bag. Candies and chocolates may be on top of the list, but there are more non-food ideas for birthday giveaways. 

Your gift bag doesn’t have to overflow with sweet treats. Instead, you can put useful and more enjoyable stuff to change things up. The children will be happy, and their parents will also appreciate it.