Did you know the fashion industry sells as many as 150 billion garments each year?

Numerous factors contribute to the popularity of floral prints. In addition to being very feminine, flowery prints are also flattering on all women and go well with a variety of outfits.

Have you stocked your closet with floral tops in an attempt to keep up with the latest fashion, but are unable to decide how to style floral tops? With their striking patterns and shadings, floral textures are a classic component of fashion all around the world. Learn how to style them here!


Consider the Print Contrast

Before you style a floral top, consider the contrast of the print. The more contrast you can wear in your prints, the more contrast there is between your hair, skin, and eyes.

A person with very light skin, black eyes, and hair, for instance, exhibits considerable contrast in their colors. These women have such bright coloration that they can compete with equally bold designs like black and white.

In contrast, a person with softer coloring or less contrast between their hair, skin, and eyes has a coloration that will be drowned out by excessive visual contrast in their prints and will look better in softer prints with less contrast.

Think About Print Movement

Next, consider the movement of a print. While other prints are sharper or more geometric, some prints have a rounder, more organic flow to them. Some prints feature both of these elements.

People’s features and facial traits can be either rounder or sharper, or a combination of both, just like prints. The best-looking prints move in a way that mimics the contour and movement of your features.

Stick With One Floral Print

If it’s not a matching outfit, stay away from layering floral prints (such as a floral top with a floral skirt). An overabundance of floral accessories can overwhelm the eye.

But if you’re really intent on having a floral-on-floral style, there is a method to get it, just as with any other design decision! We do, however, generally advise against using too much of any one print.

Keep It Casual

For a relaxed look, wear a shirt underneath your open floral shirt. Choose a tee or camisole in a complementary color to wear underneath your flowery button-up shirt, or go with a neutral tee in a hue like white or black.

Leave this layer unbuttoned and cover it with your floral shirt. Check out these floral tops here for some ideas.

Add a pair of shorts or leggings and some stylish sneakers or sandals to complete the look!

Be Fashionable With Floral Tops

Floral is a bold, flirty pattern that can be worn by just about anyone. Now that you’re aware of how to style floral tops, you can look forward to making a fashion statement.

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