Shopping for teens can be a challenge. I am always trying to find gifts for my kids that they like, and are meaningful too.

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Etsy is a great option for finding the right gift, because you can find everything from unique items to personalized gifts. I also like supporting small businesses. Teens can be tough to impress, and Etsy is a great option.

Here are some ideas for teen gifts that you can find on Etsy.

Personalized Jewelry

Name necklaces are popular among teens, and there are so many great options on Etsy when it comes to a necklace for your teen. There are lots of options when it comes to finding the perfect necklace, from different finishes to fonts, to sizes and designs.

Etsy seller: UrJwlry

Neon name sign

A neon name sign is a an awesome gift that lets your teen bring their room to the next level. Teens like to impress their friends, and their bedroom can be a sanctuary, and a personalized name sign is the perfect room decor item.

Etsy seller: OrantNeon

Starbucks and Boba Drink Accessories

Teens love trips to the cafe. From Starbucks to other treats, there are lots of gift ideas.

A personalized Starbucks cup is not just fun, but practical.

Etsy seller: YJCDesigns

A bubble tea kit is a nice way to keep your teen occupied, and having fun making DIY teas.

Etsy seller: Kitsbyfoodcraft

There are lots of cute accessories, like these adorable boba tea keychains.

Etsy seller: londonfoglatte

Small cases

Small cases are a useful gift, helping your teen get organized – in style! Cases are also a good way to help insure that things are less likely to get damaged or lost. Take for example these monogrammed iPod cases that have carabiners to clip on to bags or other things.

Etsy seller: CraftsAndSplinters

Cases are also useful for other things, such as jewelry. If your daughter participates in sports, you can probably relate to them taking out earrings to play sports and losing track of jewelry!

Etsy seller: MadeInRose

There are also personalized makeup bags that also help keep things organized.

Etsy seller: ModParty

Beauty products

A bath bomb making kit is a nice way to get teens being creative, and they can enjoy a relaxing bath or make bath bombs as gifts for friends or family.

Etsy seller: UrbanKangaroo

Eco-Friendly Products

I always try to be a little more eco-friendly, and there are fun products for teens to be a little more ecofriendly. Going greener can be a fun experience, from reusable makeup wipes to reusable straws.

Etsy seller: TextileTrolley