As much as you may love your dog, you wouldn’t be the first person to worry about how they might affect your home and, in particular, how guests might perceive your home. You might be worried that there is a dog smell in your home that perhaps you have gotten used to, but your guests might pick up as soon as they get inside. But, what can you do about it?

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Groom them on a regular basis

The longer that your dog’s coat grows, the more it will hold on to odours. What’s more, if you fail to groom them and brush them, those odours can get a lot stronger over time. You should make sure to keep their coat trim as much as it needs, but routine grooming is more about brushing than anything else. Regularly brushing your dog will help reduce any odours that might cling to their fur.

Make good use of cleaning time

Of course, if your dog is really starting to pong, then it might be time for a good bath. You want to make sure that the “wet dog” smell doesn’t cling to the home for too long. One good way to make sure that’s the case is with a nice, fragrant dog perfume. Make sure that you check carefully that any dog fragrance is healthy for your animal and, what’s more, that it doesn’t bother them too much.

Clean the home regularly

Of course, the smell of the dog isn’t just relegated to your four-legged friend alone, but to the rest of the home, as well. Apart from the dander and fur they can leave in their wake, scents can cling to soft furnishings such as carpets and upholstery, so care must be taken to clean them regularly.

Don’t forget the bed

The place in the home that’s going to pack a punch when it comes to dog smells is the bed, there’s no doubt about that. Even if you have gone a bit nose-blind to your dog’s scent, you will definitely still notice that. As such, if you notice the bed starting to smell, it’s time to give it a wash. Most dog beds are designed to be machine washable so it shouldn’t be too much effort to keep it fresh once in a while.

Bring some good smells in

Moving out bad smells is a lot easier when you’re moving in the good ones, as well. Improving the airflow in the home with things like an air purifier is a great start but, after that, you might want to look at introducing a little essential oil into its atmosphere as well. A scent diffuser for the home can make sure that you’re not just spraying a little and leaving it, but consistently spreading the good smells throughout the day.

To be honest, every home that has an indoor dog is going to have to deal with its scent a little. But you can make sure that it’s not overly abrasive to your guests with the tips above.