As a cleaning business, finding new customers can sometimes be difficult, especially if there’s a lot of competition in your area. 

While it might seem that growing your base would be impossible, it’s not. There are several ways you can easily attract customers. Below you’ll discover what some are and how you can use them to expand your company. 

  1. Have Unique Marketing

One of the best ways to bring in customers is to entice them through interesting ads and a strong marketing plan. You’ll want to be creative but also highlight your company’s mission and services to your target audience. If your ads don’t relate well to your customers or seem monotonous, it will be harder to convince others to give you a try. 

You’ll also want to use social media. This is an easy way to reach clients while marketing your services. Depending on the platform you use, anything from photos to videos could be uploaded. It also gives you the chance to talk with customers via messaging or comments which can make your business seem more personable. 

  1. Offer Discounts

Another option is to provide discounts. Many people enjoy getting a good deal and would be willing to try your services if coupons or discounts are available. 

You might also give customers who refer you to others discounts if they end up trying your service. This way, you can thank them for the kind gesture and encourage them to continue doing so. You could also ask them to leave a review on your site or elsewhere and provide yet another discount if they do. 

These discounts don’t have to be excessive, but they’re a great option for attracting new customers. 

  1. Emphasize That You’re Insured

You might have one of the top cleaning businesses out there, but some might still be hesitant to use your services if they’re not sure you’re insured. By highlighting this fact, you can win over customers and show that should something wrong accidentally happen (like a treasured heirloom lamp breaking), your customer will be compensated. This is why general liability for cleaning business is essential for your business to succeed. 

If you’re not insured but would like to be, there are plenty of agencies you can review. Most will be happy to answer your questions and concerns. Some might even have an online quote generator that can give you a general idea of what you’ll need to pay. 

  1. Sponsor a Community Event

While it might be a bit of financial investment, sponsoring a local event can help easily get your name out to the public. Many might also appreciate you sponsoring the event and would be willing to try your services simply because of it. 

If you’re not sure where to start, research popular celebrations around your region. Depending on your finances, you could then ask organizers to sponsor a certain event at it or the whole thing. 

  1. Go Online

While ads are important, you must also have a good website people can visit. If you only have a short advertisement with a few basic services and your contact information, it might make some skeptical about reaching out. 

Making a site is much easier than many realize, and you can choose from plenty of free platforms. You might also opt to hire a professional website designer who can create a stunning one based on your brand’s identity. In addition, they can add unique features, like traffic tracking, so you can observe where your business might be getting a lot of attention. There could also be a contact form so potential clients can easily write to you. 

Overall, even the simplest website is better than not having anything. It shows you’re serious about your work and helps customers learn more about your business. 

  1. Partner with Another Company

You could also reach out to a nearby business and collaborate with them. For instance, if they offer window washing, you could promote their services and vice versa. 

One possible way to begin is by promoting each other on your social media accounts. For example, both your companies could make videos together showcasing your work and services. This way, you can reach out to each other’s base and build a sense of trust. 

If you both are feeling extra generous, a giveaway of certain services might be worth trying. For example, you could have followers perform certain tasks (such as liking your pages and sharing them on their accounts) by a deadline. They can then be put into a raffle for the giveaway. This builds community engagement and helps spread the word to other businesses that might be interested in collaborating with you in the future. 

Finding new customers for your cleaning business can sometimes be difficult, especially with the vast competition. However, by considering the tips above, you can easily reach new clients.