We enjoy finding different ideas for Halloween treats. We have so many different Halloween themed sprinkles, we decided to make some chocolate bark. You could really use just about anything for chocolate bark, from candies to sprinkles. You could also make this after Halloween, using leftover candies, such as Candy Corn or Nerds.

Chocolate bark is so easy to make, essentially melting chocolate and adding toppings. This is an easy project that allows for lots of creativity.

Ingredients & Supplies

Milk chocolate and white chocolate
Sprinkles, candies, etc. There are lots of great Halloween sprinkles to choose from!
We also used candy eyes for our project
Bowls for melting chocolate
Pan & parchment paper, or a silicone tray


Melt the chocolate in a heat-safe bowl in the microwave.

Use short intervals, mixing frequently, so that the chocolate does not burn.

Spread the melted chocolate in a parchment lined pan.

I also have a silicone tray with compartments (either for soap or chocolate bars), so we used this method.

Allow the chocolate to cool. You can use the fridge or place it outdoors during cooler months.

Repeat the process for the white chocolate, and spread the layer of white chocolate over the milk chocolate using a spatula if needed.

Decorate the white chocolate before it becomes firm. We used sprinkles and candy eyes!

You can chop or break the sheet of chocolate, or in our case, we made little bars of chocolate bark.