There are so many great places to explore in Dubai as a family. With plenty of options, your family can enjoy an amazing trip and see a variety of different attractions.

Atlantis Aquaventure 

Take kids to the Disney area if you have any little ones with you so they can enjoy exciting rides and interesting play areas based on the world of How to Raise Your Dragons, Wildlife park and much more! Even though it is intended for guests of all ages, Columbian Studios has more rides geared toward young adults and seniors. The Green Hornet, Shadow, and even Ghostbusters had thrilling attractions. You are just one step away from visiting the most popular attraction  which is buying atlantis aquaventure tickets. There are more than 30 slides available, including twin water parks for racing, vertical drops, and even a  slide that passes through  a glass observation deck inside a fish tank. They are all a lot of fun despite how very diverse they are from each other. Every slide does have a rating that indicates the particular kind of presentation you are looking at.


With Motiongate Dubai, be the one to discover the world of animations and creativity. Visit the characters from your youth at this unusual theme park. The greatest spot to immerse oneself in the realm of film is at the biggest Hollywood-themed park in the area. Essentially, Motiongate is a piece of the enormous Dubai Resorts and Parks. It was inaugurated in 2016 and has since become one of Dubai’s most popular tourist destinations.Starting point for visitors is Studio Central. Numerous New York filming locations can be found here, transporting you to the Hollywood Golden Age. This location is a great chance to see what is happening behind the scenes during the shooting of a movie.Additionally, there are sections devoted to the top productions from three distinct film production businesses! Exciting rides, a few of which are inspired by The Hunger Games, can be found in the Lionsgate area. You might even see a dance performance dubbed Step Up Dubai, that takes its cues from the Step Up movie series. If  there are any tots accompanying you, take children to the DreamWorks area where they may experience thrilling rides and engaging play areas set in the worlds of How to Tame Your Dragon, Zoo, Kung Fu Panda, and more! Visit now to get the best motiongate tickets offers. Despite being designed for visitors of all ages, Columbia Pictures features more rides towards young adults and senior citizens. There are thrilling attractions based on the Green Hornet, Underworld, and even Ghostbusters. 


Kidzania The first metropolis in the world created specifically to provide children with a realistic roleplaying experience is Dubai. KidZania is far more than a “playground” for kids, with a play city created just for children and an ever-expanding menu of services. KidZania was developed as a bridge to help kids get ready for the difficulties and rewards of life in the real world. Kids may discover what it means to be a global citizen in this safe yet realistic city setting. It is the biggest interactive city in the world and has life-size buildings, entertainment, education, and role-playing activities for children. In the realm of KidZania, kids rule while adults stay in the background. Children reign supreme in this environment, where every day is an experience in which they can study, create, play, and explore.At KidZania, fun activities keep children of all ages interested.

Kidzania is made up of enormous malls, cinemas, and amusement parks creating an exciting setting that everybody is going to appreciate, so your family may make great memories while spending a lot of time shopping and enjoying games together! 

Butterfly Garden

The “Dubai Butterfly Garden” was added to a list of a few of the most popular attractions in Dubai in 2015. Since then, it has won numerous awards and accolades, the most notable of which is the title of “World’s largest covered butterfly garden.” Approximately 2600 square meters of land are covered by the entire garden. There are many reasons to visit the garden, but the finest of them are the 15,000 butterflies that live there, representing more than 50 distinct kinds. Visitors can also take in some of the garden’s many architectural wonders and riches.. The indoor garden contains roughly ten domes, which give it the most distinctive dimensions. This, along with an incredible climate-control system, enables the plants to be used all year long. The “Butterfly Museum,” which is ideally situated inside the gardens, is another marvel that showcases handcrafted creations constructed from tens of thousands of butterflies. Acquired and collected from all around the globe, this is unquestionably a one-of-a-kind chance that allows visitors to see the diverse inventiveness of the local artists.

Lost Chambers Aquarium

One of Dubai’s beauties, The Lost Chambers Aquarium, offers a distinctive experience thanks to the aquatic life it displays in spacious glass tubes. It is reputed to be the biggest aquarium in the UAE, with over 65,000 aquatic creatures. One can engage in a variety of activities here, including diving with sharks and rays and exploring the Atlantis ruins up close. Exploring the history of Atlantis, which submerged thousands of years ago and whose remains were later discovered, is the aquarium’s main draw. It is decorated in the style of the Ancient City of Atlantis, and the whole aquarium is made up of a network of tunnels that represent the varnished culture. There are a total of 20 aquatic life displays at this aquarium, some of which visitors can even feed while being supervised by experts.

IMG World of Adventure 

The biggest indoor amusement park in the world, IMG Worlds of Adventure, transports you into the visually enticing globe of Marvel Comics and brings Cartoon Network characters to life. The park is a sanctuary for adventure enthusiasts from all over the world, spanning a vast area of 1.5 million square feet with many attractions and indoor facilities. IMG Worlds of Adventure, which was split into four zones and was a crucial component of the “City of Arabia” construction project in Dubai, drew inspiration from two well-known international brands: “Marvel” and “Cartoon Network.” The two additional zones, “IMG Boulevard” and “Dinosaur Adventure,” were designed as special creations of the IMG. The “IMG Worlds of Adventure,” which was recently added to this amazing complex, has increased the park’s size and magnificence. Each of the “Four Zones” at IMG Worlds of Adventure is surrounded by a concept that is based on a well-known and well-liked entertainment brand. Each zone features an adventure ride that transports visitors on a journey that perfectly reflects its concept.