Houston is the city where a perfect combination of fun and frolic is the game’s name. 

This city has some remarkable things and activities to offer its guests, especially those seeking family time together. And a reason why tourists worldwide rush to Houston when it comes to seeking a place to vacation with kids. 

There are great activities and attractions for kids in the city. The water parks in Houston offer super fun, the space center in the city is a wagon of knowledge, and of course, who can forget the lavish ice cream parlors here?

So, pack your bags and get set on a beautiful journey of only entertainment and amusement with kids. 

Some Wonderful Things for Kids in Houston

Here are some fantastic fun things to do in Houston with kids. 

Baseball Game at Minute Maid Park

Minute Maid Park should be on your visiting list if your kids are baseball fans. Previously named the Ballpark at Union Station, the park is a massive stadium with a seating capacity of 41,168. It was initially opened as the main stadium for Houston Astros, the city’s professional baseball team. 

The Minute Maid Stadium is perfect for baseball lovers and hosts different soccer and rugby games. In addition, the stadium also has the capacity to host big music events as well. 

The kids who adore baseball are sure to enjoy immensely in this stadium. 

Children’s Museum of Houston

Another excellent place where you can enjoy a lot with your kids is the Children’s Museum of Houston. The museum has enjoyable activities for kids of all ages, such as a toy train for younger kids and interactive exhibitions, such as mini engineering workshops for older kids. 

One can also enjoy the FlowWorks exhibition, which involves playing underwater games and a food cauldron. Also, there is a kidtropolis, a mini city in the museum for kids, run by kids. Open from Tuesday to Saturday. The museum has free hours from 5 PM to 8 PM. 

Space Center Houston

Another tourist attraction designed especially for kids, Space Center Houston, attracts more than 800,000 visitors in a year. Established in the year 1992, the center works in the direction of encouraging and motivating kids to learn about astronomy, science, and technology. 

The center offers 400 temporary and permanent exhibitions related to USA’s human spaceflight program. Kids can enjoy a visit to the center and amuse themselves with the space exhibits, and behind-the-scenes in the world of space.

Thus, it is the best bet if you want your kids to have first-hand experience of space explorations.

Houston Zoo

If your kids have a keen interest in viewing different animal species, then Houston zoo is the best place to have some fun. The zoo possesses a vast collection of exotic species, such as African lions, California sea lions, giraffes, bears, and Asian elephants.

For some extra fees, the kids can also enjoy a tour of the behind-the-scenes of the aquarium, the zoo, or the commissary, the palace where they prepare the food for animals. 

Some more fun activities include an exploration of the giraffe feedings, animal habitats, a water play park, zoo crew experiences, and a Natural Wild Swap Shop.

Color Factory

Though art museums may not be on the top of the list when you are planning some excursions with kids, Color Factory indeed has some outstanding options. It is an interactive museum that is focused on a perfect combination of colors and entertainment.

One aspect to be taken care of is that you cannot buy tickets at the counter. Thus, it is advisable to make the purchase beforehand. 

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown

How can a list of fun things to do with kids be complete without the mention of a water park? The Six Flags water park usually opens during late April for family gatherings. This is the most affordable water park in Houston, as its tickets start from $29.99. 

Some fun activities you can do here include relaxing and enjoying the Paradise river, a visit to the Runaway Rapids, and of course, different water park rides. 

Final Words

The places mentioned above are sure to give you mesmerizing experience with your kids and loved ones. These places have been designed while keeping in mind the interests of kids only. So, what are you waiting for? Take your kids and family on a grand tour of entertainment and pure fun in Houston. Happy visiting!