Palms are a plant family that tend to grow in hot and humid areas. You know what a palm tree is, but there are other palms, including shrubs, climbing plants, and different kinds of trees. You can identify a palm plant by noting large stems that resemble feathers. 

Palms are available in different parts of the world. For this reason, owners want to know how to care for their palms all year round. You might not expect palms to last in winter, but there are effective ways you can look after your palms during the cold. 

Like people, plants can adapt to their environment. Working with palms that have experienced cold weather can make them more resilient. For more information on keeping your palms healthy and green all year, use the best lawn service in Venice, FL, and the information below. 

Start With The Right Plants

Before you start the journey of caring for your palms this year, ensure you’re starting with hardy palms. Start with a large palm, as it is more likely to have experienced cold weather. Reach out to the best lawn service in Venice, FL, for additional advice on the survival of your plants. 

Use The Right Approaches 

To last the winter, plant your palm during Spring. With an official growing season, it can get situated and more prepared for the winter frost. To help this process, use a high-quality fertilizer specific to palm plants and contact the best lawn service in Venice, FL, for additional information on the care and keeping of your palm plant. This way, your plant will get stronger and be able to endure colder weather. 

For the first winter, plant your palm in a pot so it can adjust to colder temperatures from your garage. Be sure to choose an area that will avoid exposing your palms to wind, and ideally, keep it south-facing for light. Devise a protection plan involving the best lawn service in Venice, FL to keep your palm safe as weather permits. Some safety measures you can take to protect your palm include:

  • Spray the palm with antidesiccants to lock in moisture. 
  • Use a burlap blanket and non-LED lights to keep the trunk warm. 
  • Use a copper fungicide to protect the bud. 

Caring For Palms Using The Best Lawn Service In Venice FL 

Caring for your palm is much easier for the rest of the year. Use nutrient-rich fertilizer and maintain moist soil while ensuring your palm receives adequate sunlight. Aim to water your palm two to three times each week. Pruning dead leaves may also be helpful, but only occasionally so your palm can maintain its nutrition. Your best lawn service in Venice, FL, will have an idea of pruning requirements. 

Care For Green Palms Throughout The Year 

Keep your palm healthy and green all year using the above plant care suggestions. Look for local suppliers and ask for the most organic and hardy palms you can find for the best results!