Within just a few months, we will celebrate Christmas this December 2022 with our loved ones. This season is particularly exciting for your kids as they’ll get to exchange gifts, eat yummy treats, meet their friends, and have fun. 

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The Yuletide season is the most awaited time of the year for your kids, and making sure that they can enjoy most of it is one of the best things to do as a parent. So if you’re looking for fun ideas this Christmas for your kids, below are some examples that you can try.

Hold a Christmas Party

The best way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas is to spend time with your loved ones. The best way to make this possible and memorable for your family is to hold a quick Christmas party. 

You can invite your colleagues if they don’t have plans on Christmas eve and let them bring their children to let them play with your kids, or let your kids invite their close friends to come over and celebrate Christmas. Furthermore, to make the party enjoyable, make sure to do it in a large, accommodating space to let your children play Christmas party games, dance, and other party activities. 

If you’re planning a quick trip outside the country like New Zealand, the United Kingdom,  or Australia to visit some relatives, you can rent some spaces or function rooms. For example, suppose your family is going to Newcastle, Australia, to visit your family. In that case, you can find Christmas party venues Newcastle has to offer so that you can pick different options with catering and unique packages suitable for your party.

Hanging Christmas House Decorations

Try to set some decorations with your kids to feel the Christmas spirit in your home. Allowing your kids to help decorate makes the yuletide season even better, as it is one of the significant parts of celebrating Christmas. Especially for your children, as this can become one of their significant memories that they will remember for a lifetime.

There are many ways your children can help you in decorating your house. For example, letting them pick new decorations for the house will make them use their creativity and imagination. Furthermore, you can also let them hang the decorations by themselves. But, make sure to give them unbreakable ornaments that are easy to hang to prevent problems.

Another great idea is to let your kids create their ornaments or decorations inside the house. By giving them the certain materials they need, they’ll be able to create a unique Christmas design for the house or even in their rooms.

Baking Christmas Treats

Have you ever tried baking sweet treats for Christmas? If not, trying it this year with your kids will be a great idea this December. Including your children in baking is a unique way of bonding with them. They can have fun and enhance their confidence and skills in following specific directions like which ingredient to pour first, measuring, and counting.

To ensure this idea works, try to choose a recipe that is easy to follow, even for kids, like brownies, cookies, biscuits, and muffins. In addition, don’t forget to guide them step by step to ensure that they’re doing it right but let your children do it by themselves to make it a significant experience for your kids.

Christmas Movie Night

If you and your children are fond of watching movies, then preparing for a movie night with your kids will be a great idea. Because it’s the yuletide season, watching movies that focus on Christmas themes like hope, faith, generosity, redemption, family, and love is a great idea.

These types of movies are certainly the best choice to watch to celebrate the spirit of Christmas with your kids significantly. However, if you don’t know any Christmas-themed movies, here’s a list below for reference:

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Home Alone 1 & 2
  • The Holiday
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Miracle on the 34th Street

However, if your kids prefer watching their favorite movies, going for other genres is not a bad idea as long as you enjoy watching them together. For example, let’s say your children like adventure movies, comedy, fantasy, and musicals. Furthermore, if your kids love superhero movies, especially Marvel Cinematic Universe films, watching all of their movies from the beginning in chronological order is also a great idea.

Game Night

What do children love the most? Well, that’s playing games. However, kids prefer playing video games, so why not let them experience playing indoor family games this Christmas for a change? There are many games to play, like Ludo, Uno, Snake and Ladders, Dominoes, Chess, and many more! 

To make the games more interesting, you can set consequences for the loser. But don’t make it too harsh; it’s just to keep the game night exciting and make your kids enjoy family games further. You can set friendly punishments that are enjoyable to the family, like doing truth or dare, singing, dancing, or challenges in the house. 


The activities mentioned above are perfect ways to make Christmas more fun for your children. Also, please don’t limit yourself to the ideas mentioned above. As long as your kids enjoy them, that’s already a great idea. Remember, Christmas is about love and selflessness. Use this season to spend quality time with your family and spread the spirit of Christmas.