Sensory activities are quite significant in the growing age of every kid. Involving in such types of activities helps your child to develop their sensory motor skills. For instance: enhancing their communication skills, learning capacity, coordination, sense of balance, motor skills, movement, and many more.

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A well-developed sensory perception allows them to interact with the world in a better way and to survive and succeed in the modern-day world. There is a huge range of sensory toys, equipment and multi-sensory activities for 3-5-year-olds.

Here we bring an ultimate list of sensory activities suitable for the little preschoolers that you can try at home.

5 Best Sensory Activities for 3-5-year-olds

  1. Color shakers and sound shakers:

Color shakers and sound shakers are great ways to boost your child’s sensory skills. These easy-to-make tools will develop their creativity and also stimulate their vision, hearing, touch, and coordination. 

How to make a color shaker:

You can use plastic bottles to make color shakers for your kid. Fill the plastic bottles or recycled bottles with water and food coloring. You can also add glitter or colored beads to make it more beautiful and interesting. Your child will love mixing colors or shaking the fluid and enjoy the colorful visual show.

How to make the sound shaker:

For sound shakers, you need to fill an empty plastic bottle with dried pasta, uncooked rice grains, or breakfast cereals. These ingredients will produce different sounds when shaking.

You can also give them empty cartons and wooden spoons to play as drumsticks and drums to compose their rhymes.

  1. Paints and pigment play:

Let your kid play messy with the paints and pigments. Playing freely with the colorful paint and pigment not only enhances their creativity but also improves your child’s sight, touch, and hearing skills. This receptive activity will become a fun game for your child if you allow them to mix colors with their hands and feet.

They will try footprints and handprints and also learn about the different textures of their fingertips. This colorful activity will let them know how mixing two different colors can make a new color.  

  1. Go creative with food:

We are not saying to let our children play with the food but you can use their meal as a learning opportunity. You can tell your baby to make faces and other objects out of their food and then enjoy eating it. This activity not only promotes their sensory and creative skills but also encourages healthy eating.

  1. Sand play:

Playing with the sand is another great option for 3-5-year-olds to get an understanding of different textures, consistency, and states of sand. Playing with sand provides kids with multiple sensory playing activities. They can build a sand castle and make a sand mountain from wet sand. You can also give them a sand pit or a sand table or simply allow them to do whatever they wish to. 

  1. Playing with dough:

Playing with the dough is a similar activity to sand play to boost the sensory and imaginative mastery of children. The dough provides an opportunity to blend the rich colors and make an object out of it. They can make sculptures, animal characters, vegetables, fruits, or any toy. Along with sight, smell, and touching, this activity also boosts vestibular and proprioceptive skills.  

  1. Sensory Gardens

A sensory garden is the best activity for 3, 4, and 5-year-old children. You can use your lawn, allotment, or balcony to make a sensory garden. This activity provides them an opportunity to interact with nature.

They can plant seeds, and herbs, and see them growing every day. After growing, the children can feel the texture, smell, and color of plants. This natural activity stimulates the skills of a child including touch, coordination, and balancing awareness.

  1. Nature:

It is the last but the most important activity for children under age 5 to stimulate multiple sensory skills. You can take your child to a garden or countryside and spend some time in the natural world where they will be nearer to nature.

They can feel nature and admire its beauty. This short-term tour will also provide a soothing effect on their mind and body. You can also arrange a visit to the farm so that your baby can see and taste different fruits and vegetables.  

Final thoughts:

We know the importance of sensory play in the overall development of a child. Therefore, we choose the above-mentioned activities that can work on multiple senses of your child. You should try them all and begin the learning journey of your 3-5-years-old more effectively. 

This article was written by kids’ educational blog LearnOnlineHub. Visit their website for more great tips on young children learning.