A shower is a complementary feature to look into in your home facilities. Your bathroom experience does not depend on how much time you spend there- its look and accessories account for it. Look beyond functionality when designing your bathroom to make it stylish, accessible, and easy to clean. Add some points to your luxury and relaxation with the best accessories and models. Consider the available space, layout, tastes, and budget.

Below are stunning shower ideas for your new home:

Add a Few Homey Accents

Just because your bathroom has a limited space does not mean you can’t throw in some special touches. Sum up your bathroom area with a dedicated art inspiration. Add a candle, a picture or two, a few artistic works, and greenery features for a beautiful shower. Bring nature inside to create an incredibly relaxing space.

Tile Everywhere

Bathroom showers can be floral, high-definition, or in glass patterns. Tile your bathroom walls and floor with tiles of the best colors, patterns, and designs for definite looks. Think of a two-toned tile instead of a one-toned way from the top to the bottom. You can, for instance, try a mix of blue rectangular tiles on the bottom and plain white tiles on the top. Install tiles with contrasting veins and mosaic touch on the floor. Mosaic tiles have slip-resistant features with less friction.

Install Double Showerheads

Depending on your family’s needs, you choose suitable showerheads. Pick from sliding bars and ceiling showerheads to hand-held rainfall and spray showers. All are differently convenient. You undoubtedly want to feel the warm water running simultaneously down your body’s front and back. The experience is achievable by installing dual-facing showerheads. Double showerheads are attractive and improve water efficiency. You can also customize your ceiling showerheads to attain the standing-in-rain effect.

Go All-Glass

Shower glasses have different thicknesses, colors, and styles. Glass showers always look sleek and prop up your bathroom. A glass enclosure with abundant light makes your bathroom look spacious. Further, a sliding glass shower door creates more space to install other bathroom fixtures. Over time, glass doors have retained their high rank for homeowners who prefer clean aesthetics. In addition, glass cubicles restrict water from overflowing to other bathroom areas.

Check on the Colors

Most showers are designed with bright colors. Do it differently this time. Dark-themed tiles are not standard in most modern homes but will add a spa-like experience. Shower accessories and tiles with dark blue and black hints feel like an incredible luxury.

Try Built-In Storage

The shower area must have adequate and easily accessible storage space for soaps, toiletries, medicines, and lotions. For proper organization, your bathroom should have shelves and cabinets for storage. Combine the horizontal and vertical designs to attain an attractive niche and maximize space.

Incorporate New Technology

You dream of singing in the shower. Include notable features like in-built speakers to play your favorite music in the bathroom. Invest in waterproof speakers to avoid water damage. Also, showerheads with rotating LED lights give you an enjoyable bath. Steam showers with digital control are easy to adjust. You can change its temperature and duration.

Choose the Right Curtains

Patterned blinds give your bathroom a complete sense of style. Invest in polyester fabric curtains for maximum privacy and to keep moisture off them. Further, buy waterproof curtains for durability and warmth in your bathroom.

Make the Lighting Fancy

Cool lights are not only for living rooms and bedrooms. Style your bathroom with a pendant lamp or glamorous chandelier to add contrast to the precious space. For better results, use the ceiling to install the lighting fixtures.

Different showers-digital, mixer, power, and electrical- are characterized with exemplary elegance. Consider your design’s bathroom space, aesthetics, efficiency, and functionality. With the above ideas, you attain a paradise-like bathroom for showering and relaxation.