Moms often find themselves managing herculean efforts. Between juggling the demands of a household to the priorities of kiddos to the many stressors that life can throw at you, it can be a lot to handle. This is why it is even more important for moms to find ways to destress and decompress. If you want to improve your self-care, here are a few relaxation tips, tricks and tools that are game-changing for busy moms.


Scents have a strong connection to the body and mind. These tools can be particularly useful for busy moms who only have a few moments to unwind. Whether you use Young Living essential oils in diffusers around the house or dilute them to be used on key pressure points in your body, aromatherapy can be immensely powerful. You can even create scent sachets with small fabric bags, aromatherapy scents of your choice and some rice. Essential oils like lavender, chamomile, sandalwood and sage can be wonderful stress busters.

Relaxation Techniques Before Bed

Many moms find that evenings are particularly difficult. It can be challenging to fall asleep and turn your brain off at the end of the day; however, this can create a cyclical pattern. The more fatigued you are, the more likely you are to struggle with stress management. You need transformative relaxation techniques like improving your sleep hygiene, limiting screen time or even doing a few light stretches. More restful slumbers can give you the energy you need to keep up with the day and its various stressors.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are also a great tool for your daytime toolkit. Whether you have a particularly stressful day, your kids are having a difficult time or you are feeling uncentered, regulating your breath can play a powerful role in your well-being. Even a few minutes of breathwork can help you lower your heart rate, regulate your nervous system and have a surprising influence on your energy levels, mood and stress levels.

Movement-Based Activities

Moms often have to work smarter because of the limited amount of time they have available. Maximize your schedule by combining stress relief with physical activity. Whether you hop on an exercise bike before the kids wake up, you go for a walk as a family or can find thirty minutes for yourself for some cardiovascular or strength-building exercises, physical activity can boost your endorphins, lower your stress levels and help your body and your mind stay well.

Time With Your Support System

Being a mom can feel like an isolating experience. The frustrations and fatigue can start to get to you, especially when you do it alone. This is why it is even more important than ever to find a support system. Finding support from other moms, your family, your partner, friends or others in the community can help you manage your stress. Connecting with others is a natural human impulse and can improve your quality of life and happiness.

Boundaries Between Work and Home

For moms who also work outside of the home, balancing a professional life while also juggling a personal life can feel like an uphill battle. If you want to feel less stressed, you must find a better work-life balance with better boundaries. While completely separating these worlds is often not possible, having some separation can make a big difference consistently.

Pockets of Time

While it would be wonderful to find a restful time away from all of the stressors that life has ahead of you, stress is a part of life. As a mom, you are always juggling multiple hats; however, you can find small pockets of time to invest in your well-being. It isn’t about creating absolutes and finding peace and silence, but rather finding positive coping mechanisms to improve your everyday life. Find those pockets of underutilized time like aimlessly scrolling through social media or mindlessly watching television and find healthier coping strategies. Those small pockets of time can make the world of difference.

Feeling relaxed as a mom can so often feel easier said than done. While you may not be stress-free, you don’t need to suffer from unmanageable stress levels. Give yourself some care and find the strategies that work for you and invest in your well-being. Start today by taking some time to care for yourself.