It’s an exciting time for you – you have been invited to a rave. It’s your first time and you want to make sure to dress right. How do you do that? 

You may be considering wearing one of your rave jerseys, but are not sure what else to put on. We’re here to help. 

Dress Whatever Style Makes You Feel Comfortable

You could be in a crowded area with a lot of people. The last thing you want to do is be constricted by tight clothing. Ideally, you would wear loose clothing that allows you to move around freely – but you wear whatever you think you rock it in. 

It’s a good idea to not wear anything that has hurtful phrases towards others. The purpose of the rave is to enjoy the music with others, not put anyone down. So cool it with putting on something that has what you think an “edgy” vibe. 

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Raves are a lot of fun, but you are also going to be spending a lot of your time standing and dancing. That can be hard on your feet … especially if you are wearing shoes that are not suitable for doing that. You may love that pair of fancy shoes, but you won’t love them that much when you get blisters or chafing on your feet. 

Instead, you can get sneakers … and you can do a ton of things to customize them. You can even get ones that light up, which will be great when you’re dancing to the beat. The sneakers will also fit well with your rave jerseys – completing the look. 

Bring a Backpack or Fanny Pack

You need to have supplies with you to help you enjoy the party. It’s important to also have things like your keys and ID on you – the fanny pack will do nicely. Just be sure to always check on it throughout the time you are there. 

A rave is supposed to be a lot of fun. Dress for that and you will wind up having a fantastic time and create new memories for yourself. Then you will be able to go more raves in the future. 

Ultimately, it comes down to you picking what you like the most. You can talk with some friends who are in the rave scene and listen to what they suggest. You can incorporate what they suggest into your own outfit. 

Bio: Allison McDonald is an artist and a fashion enthusiast who wants to share her knowledge and experience with others.