On a recent trip to Merida, Mexico, we wanted to check out some historical places in town. It seems like museums in the city are often free, and Casa de Montejo was not too far from our Air BnB. This is a former house of the city’s Governor, and is now owned by the Mexican National Bank. This structure is a very unique example of Renaissance civil architecture.

The Museum is easy to find, and is right along Plaza Grande. Casa Montejo is located at Calle 63 x 60 y 62, Plaza Grande.

Entrance is free here, and you can also set up a free guided tour.

The National Bank of Mexico acquired this house in 1981 and restored it for the first time.

The house was later purchased by Banamex, completing a second restoration in 2007-2010. It was then that it was prepared as a museum and cultural center.

We stepped into the lobby area and were directed where to go. Masks (cubrebocas) are required here.

We did not take a tour, but information is displayed in both English and Spanish.

Each room was air conditioned, and there was an employee / usher at each door to open and close it as visitors entered and exited.

Casa de Montejo was built in the mid 1500’s. This mansion was home to the Montejo family for some time, which is how it got its name.

The rooms are beautiful, and are in great shape.

The interior and furniture was fascinating to see, with so many ornate and interesting pieces.

The building has a very lovely courtyard as well, and we took a break when we were done to sit alongside it for a little while.

The view from Casa de Montejo is wonderful. You can see out onto Plaza Grande.

There are also photo exhibits in the building, which I enjoyed.

There is also a gift shop with some nice items.

According to my online search the museum is open:

Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm. Sundays 10 am to 2 pm.

Free guided tours for the general public. Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am 1 pm, 5 pm. Sunday at 11 am.

Website for the museum: http://sic.gob.mx/ficha.php?table=museo&table_id=1480