The school year means a variety of supplies, and it is easy to choose a variety of eco-friendly school supplies. From school lunches to recycled paper notebooks, you can easily make small changes that help the environment. Here are some easy changes you can make to be more eco-friendly.

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Reuse and shop used

Many of us are in a habit of buying a new backpack every year, but backpacks and many other school items can be reused. I also like to shop at consignment shops, where you can find like new clothes and other items at a deep discount.

Reusable bottles and drink containers

Drink containers are a great way to go sustainable. A good water bottle is a great way to reduce waste. I also like to encourage my kids to drink water, so a refillable water bottle is a perfect habit as far as both being eco-friendly and healthy as well.

If you are a parent or older student, a reusable mug for coffee, tea, etc. is a great addition to your daily routine. You could save hundreds of disposable cups in a year by making a simple switch.

Reusable food containers

Reduce lunch waste by using a reusable lunch bag as well as containers, from a thermos to snack containers and even reusable snack baggies. Instead of buying snacks in small bags, you can buy food in bulk packaging, and make your own packages using reusable containers. For example, purchase a large container of goldfish or pretzels, and divide it up yourself.

Recycled paper and other products

It is easy to find recycled paper products, and there is a wide variety of other recycled items available, from pens to other items. I absolutely love these Decomposition Notebooks!

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Eco-friendly cleaning

Along with back to school comes dirty clothes and sports equipment. You can help the environment and have a more natural home by switching to laundry supplies such as natural laundry detergent, which does not have chemicals, from optical brighteners to synthetic fragrances. You can also line-dry laundry to reduce energy consumption.


Make sure to recycle what you can, from paper to plastic. If there is not recycling available at school, bring home recyclable items if possible.

Travel smart

There are ways to reduce your carbon footprint when it comes to the school year. If possible, don’t leave your car idling in pickup lines, and carpool when possible. Public transportation, walking, and biking are also great options for going green.