Being a mom is hard enough work on any day, but when the school break comes around, it can be a wonder what has hit you! Not only are you responsible for your children’s entertainment for over three months, but you also have to make sure everything else gets done on top of that.

If you are wondering what can make your life easier as a busy mom now with a school break, then you have come to the right place.

This piece is going to be filled with tips and tricks on how you can make your and your children’s lives a little easier while they are off school

Create an Ideas List 

There is nothing worse than having bored children, and while they are not at school, moms will be on the receiving end of their wrath. It can be hard to think of activities on the spot, which is why it is worth creating a list in advance so you and your children can pick and choose on the days you are stuck.

Either sit down alone or with your children and put your collective brain power together to plan some regular fun days which can be spread out over the break. Make sure to create a nice mixture between days out, days in, activities for different weathers, and those that are low cost. School breaks can get very expensive, even if you do not take a vacation or a trip somewhere else, and with the cost of living on the rise, having some low-cost ideas in your back pocket can ensure that the children are still going to have fun while you can maintain a budget. 

Some ideas for your list could include:

  • Visiting an animal shelter and helping out
  • Making your own playdough
  • Go on a nature walk to identify different plants and animals
  • Go to a theme park for the day or several days (many have hotels on site or nearby)
  • Have a craft day of your choice
  • A day of gardening and potting your own plants
  • A pillow fort and movies night
  • Make your own pizza evening
  • Have a treasure hunt around the house

Clean As You Go 

If you do not have anyone around the house to share responsibilities with, then kids on school breaks can often be bittersweet. Sure, it is great to have them home and to spend time with them, but they are also really good at being little mess tornadoes that never seem to stop. 

If you are able to, picking things up and cleaning things as you go will help you feel less overwhelmed in between everything else. The last thing you want is to look at the house after a full-on day and become overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done.

Accept that the house might not look like a showroom until the children go back to school, and do your best to keep on top of everything you can for your sanity. Everything else can wait!

Get Smart About Clothes

The summer breaks are bound to result in endless amounts of laundry. Kids are very messy as a rule, and this can get tiresome really fast when you have to do everything else on your list. If possible, a good idea is to have a couple of sets of outfits for your children for different activities, so you can maintain the clothes and save on washing. For example, they can have some ‘outside’ pants for running around in the garden, playing football, or other outside activities. This way, you can mitigate some of the washing loads, as opposed to having to wash 3 pairs of pants in one day, which all have some mud on them.

Your clothes are not safe from your children either. If you choose to do lots of messy activities with the children or like the idea of doing lots of cooking with them, for instance, you don’t want all of your lovely tops, dresses, or other clothes getting dirty or damaged. Therefore, investing in some high-quality kitchen aprons for women can help keep your clothes as clean as possible when you are doing cooking or craft activities! 


Being a parent is never easy, and when the summer breaks roll around, it can feel more challenging than ever. Make your life easier by following these tips, and most importantly, enjoy time with your children.